lost i love screwing with them. the other day one called and i acted like a preacher. I was saying stuff like " have you fully accepted the lord jesus in your heart" and " the lord jesus can forgive your sins brother". and sometimes i act like a government agent or something and say stuff like " is this phone conversation being recorded cuz ever since the mission in grenada the cia has been listening in" then you neither confirm nor deny any information that you give them. I have more but they are my games to play. 010607
Dafremen Sounds like me. Cept I WAS one of those telemarketers. Working in a little sweatshop for the "Firefighters Fund", I pretended to be Captain Ron Miles. I had a great voice to go with it too.
I was the best salesman they had in both English and Spanish.
Then I found out it wasn't really a charity but a scam, I couldn't do it anymore. I have to believe in what I'm selling before I can sell it. I can't bring myself to lie to people in order to deceive them. To f*ck with them YES, to confuse them for fun, occasionally, to maliciously deceive them, no.

I enjoy helping people too much to intentionally hurt them.

I gave up sales a year later or so. You never know though, you COULD be a natural.
silentbob she works at a survey place. the next time one of them calls im going to ask them all about their love lives and stuff 010702
american telephone and telegraph this is anonymous because i could get in big trouble for saying it (big brother blathers, you know.) i'm a telemarketer for at&t. we sell digital home phone service in seattle, portland, san francisco, chicago, pittsburgh, and dallas. if you live in any of these cities, be warned. at&t is trying to take over every aspect of communication from digital cable television and internet access to your local telephone service (replacing bell atlantic south, pacific bell, southwestern bell, verizon, qwest, etc). i am not saying any of these companies are any less evil by any means, they all want to be in complete control so they can raise the prices without competion. (it will never happen, don't worry.) christ, what i'm trying to get at here is that at&t's digital phone service is unreliable, and i have heard so many horror stories about people's home telephones being shut off for months, trying to get this service set up. and think about it, it comes over the broadband cable instead of the regular analog phone lines, which supply their own power. digital service needs power to run, so if the power goes out for a few days you are shit out of luck as soon as your backup battery runs out of juice in 24hours. this is my job. to sell this service. i just had to get it out. 010702
big brother big business 010702
Dream Recorder I'm a telemarketer. I work at Telespectrum and sell the Providian Visa Gold card.. (with no anual fee) my job is so easy. The only shitty thing about the card is the APR is 23.99% but the card and activation is free. I mean why cares about the APR really? We call people with bad credit, so if we ever called you, you know why. The only reason people wont get the card is because of the APR, I mean really.. how hard is it, just pay everything off on time. No shit they have bad credit. It irritates me. BUT anyway. I swear to god my friend called that guy that tryed to be the preacher. And you guyz think it's so new to be retarded on the phone. We love it, so do it more. We dont work for commision, you're just getting our talk time up. Also by saying "she's not here, they died, wronge number"... we know that, thatz why we call you back 20 times a day. So anyway my story is, when we get pissed off at people we call them back every two minuts for the next hour. They get so pissed, and they cant sue us. Thatz cool as shit. We also have called people using accents and saying "Have you seen Beverly, she come to my house today and kick my dog" and we act as though we're thier best freind and ask if they're going to pick us up at the airport yet. We've also totally screwed up thier names on purpose. It's amazing how many people get so pissed by us calling. i can't beleive people dont have worse problems in thier life, that they have to get so irritated by us calling. Get a fucking life. Just hang up on us, set down the phone and walk away, or be conversational. Or just listen to what we have to say. But if it irritates you that much call. 1-888-567-8688 or go to for that National Do Not Call/Mail services. 011030
she been there, done that. 011219
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge me: thank you but no, i dont want a mag subscription
telemarketer: are sure [blah³]...

me: thank you but i said *no*, i dont want a mag subscription
telemarketer: are sure [blah²]...

me: i said *no*, i dont want yer fucking mag-a-zine
telemarketer: are sure [blah]... BECUZ

telemarketer: *seepishly says* oh & hangs up

[giggels] i know i shouldnt but i do *anytime* we reflect upon this fone call
SuicidalAngel Ha! I'm a telemarketer! People are so dumb sometimes! You would not believe how fucked up this country is. 011220
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge now ya know ...
SuicidalAngel ...
id never have done *that*
if it was you calling me

if it was you
i would have been


[seriously,if it would have been you, i would have been able to read]

[afterall, i think we share the same birthday, we scorps gotta stick together] [...or was that sting together?]
silentbob Betsy was a telemarketer last summer and she said she talked to a guy who went hitchihking all over the place. shes a sucker for that sort. 011221
Eggo [n.]-Yet another job that does not deserve existence, in companies which do not deserve such an existence | 2. a person who advertises over the phone 040131
ergo My first day on the job and so far nobody's called me to buy a whatchamacallit. How can I demonstrate my speal if nobody calls me, damnit! 091107
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