psyki "the last poem i will ever write"

a sad day this is
i've started to cry
i hope you are happy
for tomorrow i die

we've had our good times
i tell you good-bye
but now it is over
for tomorrow i die

so many questions
like how, where, and why
but there are no answers
for tomorrow i die
meggie do not try and bend the spoon. 000304
Boogaloo Cigarette ash and spit is good for cleaning sooty spoons. 000831
grendel battle cry of the_tick 000831
silentbob oh my fucking god!
i was about to say that!
i saw spoon in the WHO BLATHES thing and i thought to myself

"I'll write 'Battlecry of the Tick!'"
That is fucking creepy.
typhoid welcome to blather, where synchronicity is a way of life 000831
circe i'm gonna sleep with a knife under my pillow.

i'll leave the window open, again. you can crawl in. you can sleep.

just don't try to spoon me, boy.

i'll stab you.
*spoons* "Happy Fucking Birthday"

It all began way back when, i could have made a difference then.
Shes's the one that brought the shame to my family's good known name.
People to happy not the norm there cold hard smiles stuck in form.
Sucking up kissing her ass to please my dad, lets go smoke grass.
Whispers below unseen to the eye i hope that bitch will fucking die!!!
I blew the candles on my cake susan "sick" yet still so fake.
I didnt think twice or hesitate hoping my wish would seal her fate.
Heidi and Sarah my saviors today yet tomarrow she'd make me pay.
Andy's here today gone tomarrow cause of my sadness infinate sorrow.
You feed him lies you made his bed stab him now and fuck him dead.
You think he's gone out of the way FUCK you bitch i'll make you pay.
someday when me and andy...
someday when you die
someday you'll realize life aint pie the fucking sky

words of insight:I hope your fucking happy you constant dribble of shit! you ruined my fucking 16th birthday, my brothers fucking life! I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE...
lalalander spoon- the fast-paced card game played during lunch on rainy days in your 3rd grade class room. spoon- a cold, moist stick suspended from your nose with a little dab of spit. spoon- the slender curve, metalic silver, spooning slop into the endless whole called a mouth day after day after day. spoon- the hollow used to scoop out unwanted memories. spoon. 010608
lalalander THERE IS NO SPOON!!!!! 010608
dB The universal bottle opener. 010609
psychobabe OOH MY GOD ANDREA!!!!!! I LOVED YOUR DEDICATION TO SUSAN! i remember when that happend and heard about it, i'm sorry that had to happen to ya. But yea, live life large, kickass and live on 011115
psychobabe : P 011116
shishi to hold a spoon up to your face
where you can see yourself upside down and twisted around
gives way for so many allegories about your life
and your future
and then you lose it all when you stick it into your pasta.
screwing for virginity thats not a knife! this is a knife!

::holds up a large wooden spoon::
Flickers of a heart beating back to life Spoons, Sporks, Knives and Forks
Off to cultery land!
ever fork....


falling_alone who knew a soulmate could be found by so many of these?
though i may not believe this true.
he never looks very happy, and looks as though he's annoyed by me.
hsg spoon & cuddle.

see cuddle_puddle
z (the arbiter of the aesthetic truth) i saw spoon on tuesday night at the stone pony in asbury park, nj. it was my first time seeing them. they played their songs almost as recorded. it seems like they write and record material that is playable live. their minimalism and self-restraint produces a highly stylized of expression that i appreciate. if someone created a band to suit my current taste, spoon would be it. 070426
sweet icles i saw two lovely sweet babies.. one was balck and one was white... jah... when i see those sweet icles.. i just want to eat them !

it's not true how sweet they are.
what's it to you?
who go