god peanut butter sure is MY friend. it talks to me when i am lonely. it also provides economical sustenance when i grow weary of ramen noodles. 010102
Quiggz Psychotic peanut butter took over my brain once, but that was one isolated incedent. I get along fine with most of it. BTW, I happen to be God too... so is whoever is reading this... Now, before you get reeally offended and stuff, hear me out. I'm saying that there's a bit of God in each of us, and we're all God in our own little way. Someone once said, "Your God is whatever is most important in your life" Hopefully, everyone will be the most important thing in someone's life, right? And, of course, I could be completely wrong. But it's a nifty concept, isn't it? And I'd like to apologize to anyone whom I offended with this, but you probably stopped reading some time ago. sorry! 010102
.xUHWH!! !!?M88WHX:.
.X*#M@$!! !X!M$$$$$$WWx:.
:!!!!!!?H! :!$!$$$$$$$$$$8X:
!!~ ~:~!! :~!$!#$$$$$$$$$$8X:
:!~::!H! ~.U$X!?R$$$$$$$$MM!
~!~!!!!~~ .:XW$$$U!!?$$$$$$RMM!
!:~~~ .:!M"T#$$$$WX??#MRRMMM!
~?WuxiW*` `"#$$$$8!!!!??!!!
:X- M$$$$ `"T#$T~!8$WUXU~
:%` ~#$$$m: ~!~ ?$$$$$$
:!`.- ~T$$$$8xx. .xWW- ~""##*"
..... -~~:` ! ~?T#$$@@W@*?$$ /`
W$@@M!!! .!~~ !! .:XUW$W!~ `"~: :
#"~~`.:x%`!! !H: !WM$$$$Ti.: .!WUn+!`
:::~:!!`:X~ .: ?H.!u "$$$B$$$!W:U!T$$M~
.~~ :X@!.-~ ?@WTWo("*$$$W$TH$! `
Wi.~!X$?!-~ : ?$$$B$Wu("**$RM!
$R@i.~~ ! : ~$$$$$B$$en:``
?MXT@Wx.~ : ~"##*$$$$M~
we are 138 dammit!!! that didn't come out!!! 010102
god (not danzig or rollins) hell, i'm not offended. peruse my past offerings and you'll be able to see yr way ahead of the pack. 010102
ass facely i want my skull, too 010102
narpf edith how 'bout a skull_full_of_peanut_butter ? 010103
beavisaurus rex it was supposed to be a kool ascii art skull but the spacing didn't take

rollins they should scrape dried blood off the street, tell you it came from a daytime tv star so you can line up and buy it. 010103
katethegreat peanut butter is one of my favortite foods. i don't understand why people are talking about skulls on the peanut butter page. it is really distirbing and confusing to me. peanut butter is a simple thing, it just tastes good,sticks to the roof of your mouth and is brown, and thats all there is to it. 010601
Dafremen What do you get when you cross a skull covered in a TV star's dried blood and a jar of peanut butter?

A celebrity-blood covered skull that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Bah DomDom.KSHH
nocturnal at work *room filled with blank stares falls silent* 010601
god anyone want some goat_pussy? 010602
florescent light peanut butter n' fluff
peanut butter n' chocolate chips
peanut butter n' apricot jelly
peanut butter n' Honey Nut Cheerios
peanut butter n' M & M's
peanut butter n' banana's
peanut butter n' honey toasted on a bagel

"Man cannot live by bread alone.
He must have peanut butter."
- Bill Cosby
Casey you forgot peanut butter w/ oreos

and another one is if you are hungry, but you know you shouldn't eat a lot...peanut butter and cottege tastes terrible
florescent light peanut butter n' American cheese 010602
Sol mm, smooth or crunchy?

crunchy for me
yummychuckle yes, crunchy. 010603
unhinged there has always been something slightly alien and disgusting about peanut butter to me 011020
peanut butter i am your friend, nic 011107
ever dumbening simple, honest, natural
just nuts and salt
like a good friend should be

no fucking marketing, thanks
whoknows ever just take a big spponful of it and eat it by itself. yum! 011114
whoknows shyte! i meant spoonful 011114
anti-social butterfly ewwwww!!! peanut butter is disgusting. i hate the way it sticks to the roof of your mouth and the way it makes you smell. don't do it man! don't take the spoonful! peanut butter is way yucky! 011115
Sonya opinions, opinions.

Peanut butter is the best! It's great with bananas, jam, bread, crackers.

Discovered it as a child and I still enjoy it to this day.
psychobabe peanut butter fucking suxz!!!! 011124
yummyC p-nut butter is good.
by the way, november is national peanut butter lovers' month. no joke, its for real, bitch.
eat up.
psychobabe :p 011124
Grievance why am i talking here? oh yes, peanut butter. I lived off peanut butter(mostly) for a year.

and I still like it.

cast my vote for crunchy. mmm.
oh, and peanut butter smells good. yes. believe it, it tastes even better.
Subterranean Visions okay, ive got one. its not cheating if you spread peanut butter on your testicles and have your dog lick it off because its YOUR dog! 011125
ClairE Except when you are allergic to it.
Adam was.
I could have killed him with a kiss.
When we broke up I plunged into peanut_butter_sandwich making with a vengeance.

And M&Ms, and other candy I couldn't touch.
Norm Peanut butter is an anti-lubricant. So remember kids peanut butter and sex don't mix. 011202
Norm There shall be no kids, peanut butter, and sex all at once. 011202
ClairE Sounds like a plan. I guess that would be a time when peanut_butter_is_not_your_friend. 011202
god elvis_in_space is your friend when you read this. 011217
ClairE Almost my only friend, it feels like.

He is solidly there for me to lean on and laugh and try not to cry.

And he tastes so delicious, too.

Oh! smooth!

(don't tell crunchy...)
pontifier peanut butter is your friend alright, but look out, when he's hangin out with a cup of coffee, he's more like a laxitive. 011219
89x Ah yes, peanut butter n' java, a friendship made in hell, placed on earth solely for the evacuation of the bowels. 011219
littel_elf I like both crunchy and creamy... depends on how I'm eating it.

As for coffee, uck. I don't drink coffee. So I guess I don't have to worry bout that laxative affect. :)
rhin peanut butter is a friend indeed... thank you peanut butter for always sticking to the roof of my mouth, and thank you even more for always sticking so patiently to the spoon in anticipation of my tongue. 030209
Grin and... CREAMY! 030903
celestias shadow Oh man. I thought I was the only one that peanut butter tried to communicate with! It's reassuring to learn that it's a larger trend than that. Has the peanut butter ever told any of you to smear it on your elbows and then try to lick it off?
I was very angry at it that night. Never, ever again.

I won't be so ready to listen next time.
estarocks joy is a peanut butter sandwich. i don't know about peanut butter being ur friend though. 040614
pete get me a pita and my peanut butter we're watching a movie! yum! 040614
dosquatch Peanut butter is the best thing to ever happen to celery. 040614
spiffy indeed peanut butter is 040615
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