The Truth Morality experiment

Life, or living carbon based organisms, all behave according to the same set of rules.
Life thrives in certain conditions, perishes in other conditions, yet is abundant throughout the entire planet.
All of these lives conjoin to form one system, one lifeforce that is the Nature of Earth.
Every species from bacterium to blue whale has a definate notch on the biological totem pole.
Each one has a value, and a purpose. There is a delicate, but definate balance between predator and prey, diner and dinner.
This system of Nature is so vast and complex, yet so unstoppable that it can maintain equilibrium even in the face of global disaster. But if you change one of several factors ever so slightly it would make this unstoppable life essence non existant. For instance, the addition of 5% more nitrogen to the atmosphere, or even 5% further away (or even closer) to the sun would change everything, kill everything. There is something special about Earth that enables life not only to exist, but to thrive and teem in every inch of it. Just as if it were selected as some giant terrarium in a universal laboratory.

But there is a disruption to this peace, a species that tips the scale, yet doesn't exactly fit anywhere on the scale. A biological branch of evolution that places it's notch high above the top of Earths totem pole. A force of life that controls much of the planet, consumes much of the planet, yet does not cooperate with the delicate balance like every other form of life...


We are similar in many ways to the lifeforms on Earth, but in more ways we are different. We can't be categorized as animal, plant, fish, bird or bacteria, yet we possess properties of all of these.
Some examples:

Animals eat.
Humans have global systems set up for food growth, harvest, processing, packaging, delivering, marketing, storing, and further implentation into even grander systems of restaurants, grocery stores, and food processing factories.
You'll never see a chimpanzee trade a hyena carcas for some bananas.

Animals Drink muddy water.
Humans have made countless varieties of water-based drinks in the form of beverages, colas, teas, soft drinks, bottled water, tap water, and purified water.

Animals play, birds sing, fish swim.
Humans play (surf,ski,hike,bike,race,run)
Humans sing (hum,whistle,croon, and even karoke)
Humans swim (dive,compete,float, sail, bellyflop)

Humans Fly, Drive, Glide, Invent, Read, Write, Count, Analyze, Interpret, Observe, Question.

And...we've been to the moon.

So, there can't be any more justifiable comparisons of Humans to Other lifeforms on Earth. Humans are simply different, better.

So how and why are we here?

6 billion people will have 1 billion different answers.

But let's try to figure out why we are different...

It's our brain.
Our brain enables us to do all of the above things, and our bodies are a system devised to move and feed our brain.

But our brain is 20% conscious, and 80% of it is our subconscious. We know very little about our subconscious minds, some people have even inaccurately assumed we don't use it! (as absurd as that sounds, it's true! I learned in school that we only use 20% of our brains! Although I have always known this to be false for some reason.)
So what is our subconscious for?
I believe It houses our spirit. Our bodies and brains are just organisms that act as a shell for our soul. It's as if we are caterpillars eating everything in sight, and once we reach the approriate phase then our beautiful butterfly spirit will escape? I think so.

So why is this process even necessary? Why did the Creator want us to have this experience we call life. seems obvious that since so much of our psychology is based on reward and punishment, then the energy we consume (by completing either good or bad deeds) will forever be attributed to our spirit. And when it is released (death) we will find ourselves transfigured based on our positve(heaven/ eternal reward) or negative(hell/ eternal punishment) balance (judgment).

So...this is the meaning of life:

We are a crop of spirits that are being grown, and at the harvest time, all of the mature and ripe souls will be gathered into God's barn (heaven) and all of the rest of the field will be burned. So we are to resist our native instincts, for they are earth based and will die with the Earth, and embrace and hone our spiritual bodies, because they are the bodies that will last forever.

It seems we are placed in this morality experiment, where supernatural_selection rules apply based upon the balance of positive or negative energy attributed to your soul at death.

How do we attribute positve energy to our soul?

Love God with all of your strenghth, all of your mind, all of your heart, and all of your soul. Then, Love your neighbor as yourself. This will ensure that you will grow and develope spiritually.
... Who needs a spirit these days? Morality can be bought and sold like stock.
Spiritually, humans are already screwed, probably been watching too much Fox or something.
The Truth Such as negative outlook you've chosen to accept. Do you buy and sell your morality? I certainly don't. 010524
... I don't buy and sell my own. Just other peoples. It's like respect.
Anyway, you can believe what you like, and I'm glad that there are people like you out there to counterpoint people like me.
blown cherry I heard about his guy who sold his soul on ebay.... 020428
stork daddy we're being farmed? what kind of scary hungry god is doing that? 020428
god must be a nut or something 020428
cube I take issue with the word 'experiment' - as if the outcome is unknown. The whole process, from creation of the earth to vanishing point, follows a timeless and proven plan. True, individual destinies are subject to freedom of choice, but the overall numbers, the bottom line, is a matter for statisticians.

"Worlds without number, have I created"...
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