Jenna Dig, ya'll. These guys play some of the most amazing, wonderous, awe-inspiring music ever. Who can't love a rock band with a cello, an accordian, and an upright bass among their various instruments? And the lyrics? It's all poetry, much like blather. :) Blath with me Jump people, if you are out there. (check www.jumplittlechildren.com You shall not regret it) 011028
sabbie i read a news article that said all the primary school children in england were planing on a particular day at a particular time to go outside and jump up and down to see if they could produce an school-chilren powered earthquake. i love it.

jump, little children, jump
anti-social butterfly they are one of my favorite live bands. each of their albums have a different sound, so there's something out there for everyone. they are really talented. matt, one of the singers, plays guitar, mandolin, accordian, flute, tin whistle, harmonica, piano, and more all in one show. they have johnny, the upright bassist who rocks the stage with the bass harder than any other bassists i've seen. and ward, the cello player is awesome. i've met them and talked to them a couple of times and they are reeeally nice guys. matt is sooo sexy. all of them are fun. some of my favorite songs of theirs are opium, pink lemonade, u can look but u can't touch, my guitar, habit, body parts, come out clean, vertigo, and many more. check them out. it's worth your time. especially try to see them live some time. =) 011030
anti-social butterfly they're playing a series of special acoustic shows. should be awesome. playing in athens this saturday and atlanta on dec. 8th. i'm gonna see them in athens. yay. also, they are playing three dates in charleston (where they're from) on dec. 28th, 29th, 30th. they're playing their special annual dock street theatre shows. this is a really old theater and you dress up to go. it is a really special show. my friends are making a pilgrimage to charleston for the show. yay. two of their shows in one month! =) 011127
ever dumbening lest you become unpracticed for vaulting the larger ones

it could happen to you
ClairE I heard of them through diaryland. 011127
ClairE I like them. I finally downloaded them and am quite pleased. It only took me over a year to get around to it... 011218
Jenna If you like them, please buy their CD. (Vertigo) They need the sales, really.

Or if you are poor like me, ask for it for Christmas from somebody.


(I'm a blather_dork too)
KindreDSpirit Exactly one week and two days ago, I was at my first J,LC concert ever, after having adored their music for almost three years...
We took a wonderful road trip to see two concerts in two days, and it was the highlight of my year to date.

They are truly one of the most talented groups of musicians that I have ever had the intense pleasure of listening to. And you're right, you haven't really heard them until you've heard them live. Seeing is believing: Matt's fingers really do move that fast on the tin whistle, Ward and Jay really do manage to play the same guitar at the same time...and Jay opens his mouth and those ethereal high notes soar out, seemingly effortlessly.

But what strikes me most about the band is, frankly, how nice a bunch of guys they are. We hung around after the concert in Ames last week, and got to talk to all five of them for at least a few minutes a piece...and they were all just so personable and genuine--neither of which you necessarily expect a band with a respectable following to be.
We hung around the next night too, in Chicago, but it was way more crowded and they all had the requisite gaggles of girls bunched around them...and somehow, I just couldn't join them and do the whole fan-thing. I couldn't beg for autographs or ask to get my picture taken with them, no matter how much I wanted those things, because what I wanted more than anything was to sit down and really *talk* with the guys in the band. Hang out with them, get to know who they really are. And you just can't do that in thirty seconds of smalltalk after a show.

So instead we just loitered around and looked awkward. C'est la vie.

But yes, everybody, please try out this band. I guarantee that, amongst the songs on their several CDs, there will be *something* that will catch your fancy. Check out their webpage, too: www.jumplittlechildren.com

Ok, end of advertisement.
Jenna wow. :) rock on. That was beautiful. 020404
anne_jumps I have loved this band for four years next month. I have made many wonderful friends because of them, and I can count Matt as one of those friends as well. They are all very talented and smart, and are excellent musicians and writers. They are also interesting people. 020824
kerry i love this band
i went to a concert last year
ethereal fly. 040429
Zoe been attending their concerts since i was young. my sister is good friends with the band, nice group of boys. if you ever come to charleston go to king street near christmas and they'll be playing for free in the streets. 040921
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