lola i got a letter from the government the other day, opened it, read it, said they were suckers. they wanted me for their army or whatever, picture me giving a damn, i said never.

i say conscious, you say ness
conscious ness conscious ness

i say fresh, you say rock
fresh rock fresh rock

i say hip, you say hop
hip hop hip hop

i say don't, you say stop
don't stop don't stop

switch on, switch off
self preservation,
a flashback from way back

do you know what it's like to struggle? have you ever had to struggle?
self preservation keeps the crowd alive,
we found a new place to live.

jestification yeah, i remember you.
you told me to pick my head up.
you taught me to make my own place instead of searching for one that already exists.
you let me dance.
you held my hand once,
and i told all my friends.
they watched me blush......they watched me grow.
you always understand when i wanna hang out with my other friends, and sometimes you come along for art's sake.
sometimes, you just pick on me in that big brother way and send me on off because you know i'll always be back.
MC Squillo on tha Mic 1979
the sugar hill gang and kurtis blow and DJ's spinning the dub tracks in the back

(childhood memory, i never learned to breakdance but i always though it looked cool)

these are the breaks!

let the beats pile up

over the years

till they pile up high

rock rock
to the planet rock
don't stop.

then i heard the kings of rock and the man who couldn't live without the radio and suddenly it was time to get ill and go back to cali

[it was strictly business, never personal]

time passed, a lot of people came and went, a lot of one_hitter_quitters the tide was well above three feet high and rising

something was coming straight outta compton, it was nothin' but a G thang, baby, but i was born ready to die, so one day i woke up at six in the morning and screamed "fuck_the_world"
unfortunately, murder was the case that they gave me and it was looking like it might become and extinction level event without the help of some ol' dirty bastard, he was as cool as an ice_cube

some people said it wouldn't last, but by the time i get to arizona, it will take a nation of millions...
jestification yeah well, i see mos def and bahamadia and dead prez and krs-one and common sense and the roots and and deltron and talib kweli and even sarah jones and black eyed peas and........*sigh* 011207
Tank 011208
ClairE I never thought
in '95
that I'd love you.

I'm still learning.

My friend Mel likes to quote Talib Kwali (sp?): hiphop, you love of my life
Tank it's kweli. "these cats drink champagne to toast to death and pain, like slaves on a ship talkin bout who got the flyest chain." that's my favourite lyric of his. see reflection_eternal 011210
codosYculos She was more than a sapling, less than a tree, primed for her very first tapping from me. 020307
Annie111 From "OK, Let's talk about this ice that I'm carryin'/All these karats like I'm a fuckin' vegetarian" to "Don't everybody like the smell of gasoline?/Well burn motherfucka burn American Dream". I honestly think everyone should at least make somewhat of an effort to appreciate hip hop.

Shinnokxz repeat chill hiphop while faded 061207
unhinged my current favorite (for years running)

killer_mike - run_the_jewels
silentbob Kendrick! Chance! 180630
unhinged i want to go to amazon headquarters and stand on the sidewalk with an old school boom box and blast humble for as loud as i can as long as i can


pretty much anything rhymesayers
unhinged prof



fucking autocorrect
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