ClairE Are there any other kind? 020104
slime Yes there are.
All those people who can just have relationships and not worry about all the sort of shit people think they should worry about are having loads of fun together.
You don't have to be complicated or weird to be loved or be interesting.
cube Girls are only complicated until you understand their motives. Learning these takes a bit of time, and speaking from experience, it's an expensive education :-)
unhinged just how expensive are we talking here?

a few hundred bucks and a couple stds or what?
cube Do you know any woman who would be happy with a few hundred bucks?

What are 'stds', btw?
Grievance it wasn't the original objecive, but, i think i understand them more than most.

so to state a price, i would say i lost my common sense. I lost that when i stopped caring about that mundane about me, and only in the truth within it.
silentbob isnt that an oxymoron? 020105
kerry i am a complicated girl but
it's not because of me being a girl,
it's because of me just
being who i am.
unhinged i realized after i said it that 'a few hundred bucks' was probably a low estimate.

stds = sexually transmitted diseases

silentbob no, all girls are complicated.

If you arent a complicated girl that means you have no substance and probably aren't all that interesting. There should be at least one thing about every PERSON thats complicated, and not just girls.
Mahayana: Zakah: hear hear
4 even if you *are*
an uncomplicated individual
*that* 'in and of' *itself*
is a complication
hear hear

[[even if you still refuse]]
[& think yOu arent]
[i can still make yOu]
Casey The ones that are my friends are the worst. Cause then when I do something wrong I never know how long it is till they will talk to me again, or even look at me. 020109
hey now! ive been described as a riddle he cant figure out. is that good or bad? 020110
Mahayana uncomplicated girl= a cube
complicated girl= rubbiks cube

]{have fun}[
cube Hate to disillusion anyone, but this rubbiks cube is 97.3% male ;-)
fella the complication that is perceived in a female ALWAYS comes with time. at first, even the most complex individual can seem simple. that's a common misconception that often leads to pain. 020125
blamethesky i think if you didn't know it before you know it now. 020126
Mahayana twisty dangly dangle
its sort of like
ooouuuu ahhhhhh
faaaaareeeee-dddeek laa dah
twisty sprighty sprickers
caught up in mah hair

[tangles & dangles]
[all up in one]

[{all up in oNe}]
Mahayana i still adore you 020703
Dafremen Women want emotional security and attention. These are the common threads that bind them together.

They're not particularly complicated nor are they all that mysterious.

Believe it or not, guys are even simpler than that.
phil it pisses me off when a girl compliments me. 020703
Crudelis complicated girls are interesting

random walks, but not through the park
never in a lighted place
but never all that dark
the way she walks and talks to you
gives you chills for weeks to come
you know not what to do
she's constantly making you crazy
and you can't quite figure out why
she just gave you a daisy
anything from her is worth more than gold
she'll leave you standing breathless
and not be there for you to hold
it's not that she's a tease
at least, she truly doesn't mean to be
but she'll get anything without a 'please'
she doesn't try and doesn't care
perfection naturally comes to her
every aspect..figure, nails, ..but especially her hair
the thing more precious than any pearl
shows when you look into her eyes
and see a complicated girl
A Obviously all girls are complicated. Having a personality is complicated. Duh. Boys are complicated too. Double duh. 031201
. . 041221
flowerock I think guys are complicated... at least the ones I've had relationships with. The drummer had his band and his emotional conflicts and social issues... the VJ had his computer and computer work and trustifarian life style that was hard to keep up with, constantly moving and changing his mind about our relationship, the hippie guy I married turned out to be a sociopathic selfish asshole that I took care of, I did his job for him basically and gave up any control or hope of pleasure for my body, he had such outrageous expectations sexually, not just a lot of it or too much of one thing, but just stuff I couldn;t understand, who EATS poop? gross... complicated_boy is more like it!

my heartmate/boy/man now is also complicated! but in good ways :) (he might read this so I better be nice!) hah a. he just has a lot of stuff and his own thing going on with his hat buisiness, wants to live in this city... but he is wonderful and worth the complicity (is that the right word?).

I might be complicated too... aren't we all? complicated_human complicated_dog
epitome of incomprehensibility I'm a complicated girl
In a complicated world
With seemingly simple rhymes
That are really half-rhymes
Or rhymes rhyming with rhymes.
Give it time.
what's it to you?
who go