jennifer I want to sit on the edge of your bed
and watch you read
absorbing words
your eyes dancing across the pages

nothing would make me happier
pinkish i wish I had that much enough to say right now 010421
tourist ah the passage
of time run swiftly
down from the springs
of our humblest beginning
the hunted gatherer
becomes the hunter gatherer
the tribe
the village
the town
the walled city state
warring empire
decadent in its excess
drunk with power
seduced by lust
the excess of sensation
food and flesh
sensual intoxication
mind seizing eroticism
all else can pass away
but save for me
the one last orgasm
not for procreation
but for that fleeting
shuddering moment
of shining extasy
that which cannot be expressed here
for here
there are only words
and words cannot acuratly convey
the scent and sensation of the sacred lotus
the surrender to delight
mingled with fear of its passing
the loss of the moment
that makes us whole
an understanding that transcends us
connecting us to the primal state
from which we all emerged
so many generations ago
i sing now of lust divine
all consuming
i will not leave
but leave i know i must
jane late_night_rambling
oldephebe oldephebe - *towels off forehead, a rather long and patrician one at that - high brow - hey now*
tourist that was incredible it was like you unraveled a runic inscription or something - and uh this is not like some creepy come on or awkward overture - but it felt like you were gyrating every scintillating syllable in my ear!
(was the exclamation too much there? sometimes i just go over the top- where's that bridle?)
this reminds me of a strawberry blonde, my platonic play pal in highschool - wow
maybe orgasm can't be conveyed adequatly in words but ah it sure got me hot and bothered - Sheesh!
oh and as far as the rambling -
click on anything by oldephebe and you will become lost in the incoherence, the thicket of my rambling and 'we're all ready for you to make your point' wordsprawls -
and so now it's time for a rustic exodus into the wilderness -
and so he sought out a
mountian to seek the truth of himself
yeah - seek out the radiance of the face of God
sans any hallucinogenic fungi or other such flora - whoa i've gone garrulous again - Oh father come frame my face with the fists of love - no but really my father was truculent sure but he never pummeled any of us
relentless inner critic: you are rambling past even the tolerable parameters implied by this blathe pages' title -
but you know rambling not neccessarily and indice of the seismically unstable -just maybe really really aloof
caught in the bramble of ramble
William Shatner astride a beautiful thoroughbred sauntering up to the gate -says to a non-plussed captain Picard - "Beautiful day isn't it?"
and not a hair on his admantium hair shell out of place it's lacquered down -
and uh i th ...
Glory Box i don't think i'll ever see you again.

how it breaks my heart.

do you love her?

where do i sit?

why do you call me five times a day and love me through your laughter?

do you think i'm young?

why is everything so easy with you?

why can't i follow you wherever you're headed to?

why can't you follow me?

i understand where we're at but there is so much hidden under innuendo. sometimes i don't know for sure what you mean.

everytime i see you i want to kiss you a little more.

i want you to cast those special eyes on me.

i think you could save me from the dark should the shadows loom.

tell me what i don't understand. let me be one of your secrets.

why do we only coincide here?

you make me want to come back here next year, and wrap my arms around you again.

please think highly of me. i am so tied to you my sould breaks sometimes.

this is not love and this is no shallow blue pining but i focus on you with everything i have and it's hard to leave behind everything i've seen.

please call me please come see me please don't disappear. hagamos conexiones.

you treat me so well i bloom under you and i want most in my self right now to leave some mark on you that will be hard to forget.

i don't believe i'll ever see you again but i'll ache when we're finally done.
cheetah A car will help you here. 040116
Special K i dont' understand what the numbers on the side of your input mean and i dont' understand how you can tell if there are any people online talking at this moment, and i don't understand how you all know what part of blather to go to to talk to each other... like what if i'm in the random section and dB is in the blather boycott section 040625
puredream It's the date!!! FREAKING A!!!!!!! 040625
oE damn. just realized tourist is a DUDE!

sorry man
re_alisma Well, it is what it is. Venus retrogrades in Gemini. Right, or am I right. Know what I mean. (?) 110907
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