typhoid hmm.
i wonder what im gonna do with the rest of this robo...
skip down to the "robo in the kitchen" bit...
Moe ...who was talking of Burroughs anyway? 010320
sabbie last week our car got broken into. the glass on the pavement was her blood, shed for no reason. there was nothing to steal. the police caught them 3 streets away with our neighbours car stereo in their hands, leads trailing down to the ground. we got a call that night.

"Junkies" said the cops.

yesterday we returned from a 3 hour sojorn to find our house had been broken into. they stole a work laptop, a work phone charger, a friends mobile phone and diskman and about $70 in silver change. we called the cops, and when they finally got here (7 hours later) they took one look at the hastily rifled drawers and boxes and then made their likely prognosis.

"Junkies" said the cops.

nine months here and not a thing (not unless you count the time that someone drew a penis on the frosted-over drivers side window once)
never rains, but it pours.
not sure i want to live here anymore.
demitria monde thraam More likely crackheads than junkies. Though not ruling them out. It's just that when junkies run out of fix money, they get too sick and out of it to go out breaking and entering. Crack fiends, on the other hand, get a vicious jones without the knocked-down effect. And it's like mental tunnel vision: all you can see is whatever it is that's possible to do to get more crack.

I've been a junkie for two and a half years, and later, much to my personal embarrassment, I was a crackhead - a skinny 105 pound crack whore - for about eight months. Those days are long past me now. But they did tell me a lot about what it's really like.

Drug users are plain and simply nothing like the representations of them that you see on TV or in films. Not at all.
Maynard Gollum Keenan fuck all you junkies
and fuck your short memories
anon. So, now little man, you're tired of grass.

LSD, cocaine and hash.

When someone pretending to be a true friend said -

'I'll introduce you to Miss Heroin.'

Well, honey, before you start fooling with me,

Let me inform you of just how it'll be.

For I will seduce you and make you my slave.

I've sent stronger men than you straight to their graves.

You'll think you could never be such a disgrace,

Then you'll end up addicted to poppy and waste.

You'll start by inhaling me one afternoon,

Then you'll take me in your arms very soon.

And once I have entered deep down in your vein,

The craving will really drive you insane.

You'll need lots of money (have you already been told?)

For darling, I am much more expensive than gold.

You'll swindle your mother for less than a buck.

You'll end up an animal, vile and corrupt.

You'll mug and you'll steal for a narcotic charm,

And only feel content when I'm deep in your arm.

One day you'll realize the monster you've grown,

Then solemnly promise to leave me alone.

If you think you'll have the mystical knack,

Just come on and try getting me off your back.

The vomit, the cramps, your guts in a knot,

The jangling nerves screaming for just one more shot.

The hot chills, the cold sweat, the withdrawal pains,

Can only be eased by my little white grains.

There is no other way, no need to look,

For deep down inside you'll know that you're hooked.

You'll desperately run to the pusher and then,

You'll welcome me back to your vein once again.

And when you return, as I have foretold,

You'll ultimately give me your body and soul.

You'll give up your morals, your conscience, your heart,

And then you'll be mine, 'till death do us part
girl_jane my step brother

he's in jail now...
violet there's a virus in my head. i want you to have it.

elegance ...and he said it's just not fashionable to be a junkie any longer. 040614
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