mmm a very missunderstood word. i wasn't even aware of the entire deffinition until tonight when i was watching cnn. apperently it does not mean "holy war", not at all. it's meaning has no clear english translation, but it basically means the struggle of an islamic life, that to believe in and to follow islam is a struggle against outside forces.
the very missunderstood part of islam is that the koran allows for only one type of fight or war. islams should only fight in defense, all other acts of aggression are basically sins according to the koran.
mmm another thing, the koran also forbids suicide. it makes now promise that if you take your own life in "jihad" you will not be sent to heaven. 011013
abednigo i know who brought up the little-yellow-fates. they were kept in the green/eyed ocean, and fed greed and ambition. ambitious beaked bastards.
the green/eyes became their feet, and the trampled man.
they were so small
...so small
hell-o the man? or the feet? 030825
there needs to be more discussion of topics like these - thankyou for sharing

some christians are so unchristian, so belligerant towards the other major faiths, and since "9/11" some christians sound suspiciously like herod
painting all muslims with the same bigoted brush - praying openly for their
annihilation - sure lets just chuck 'em all in the lake of fire - i'm a christian - but ah i find all the xeno-phobia and overt nationalism - and denunciations of Islam on the lips of christians abhorrent - it makes me sick - if we say we follow a man of peace, and yet if we feel we are entitled to these human reactions don't clothe our snarling hearts in the robes of the church - be pissed off or bigoted if that is you whatever but don't try to allign Gods will or plan with the machinations of man - it is sickening - i'm off on a tangent sorry - but some of these radio demagogues slash charlatans are mining legitimate veins of nationalism and fear and anger and using it, ah to foment and fill their already swelling bank accounts - read His words you puffed up prosyletizing fakes and stop urinating all over Gods sanctuary - stop preying on the weak minded - aghh!!! this stuff really angers me - okay that's it - enough -

Dafremen Jihad doesn't just apply to Muslims. Jihad applies to all who are struggling to stay on the Path. Imagine living a reality that everyone and everything around you seems to ignore. Imagine following the dicates of your heart and soul against all custom, tradition and influence around you. Imagine living in a land of the insane and having them label YOU the lunatic. Imagine that you have created a nation where such influences are less pervasive, where the Path is more easily adhered to. Now imagine a culture that is the antithesis of everything you have struggled so hard to maintain and pass on to your children. Imagine the threat that such a culture and its way of living might represent.

Jihad is a struggle against the persecutions and fabricated illusions of the majority, by that small number who carry upon their shoulders the best hope for the human race.

The WAY is REAL, the paths that define that Way are many, but they are REAL as well...as real as the blind ignorance of those who claim that neither the Way nor the Paths exist.
somewhat subdued oldephebe yeah, it's a real drag

but all a man can do it nurture his soul with these things that hold him together and lift up his life as an example to his children, lift up his life as a living sacrifice to his/her beliefs and ah hope that others will catch the light in his eyes - that more folks will leap off the hurly burly(or stay on it if the hurley burley is their path to peace w/o maliciously marginaliing others) - any whoo - yeah i so definately feel what you are sharing -

pipedream its so amazingly great to hear logical, reasonable opinions...jihad is precisely that- the struggle to uphold the tenets of islam no matter what..there's all kinds of jihad, not just physical battle but jihad of the tongue (when you speak out against what is unjust or cruel), jihad of the eyes (refusing to watch trash on telly, for example), jihad of the hands (writing for justice, like veronica guerin)...and whoever dies in jihad goes to heaven. straight up, one-way ticket, no questions asked, forever and ever.
a true muslim is supposed to be, amongst many other things, fearless, strong and courageous. decent, civic-minded and considerate- and above all, just.
there is such potent power in the idea of a God, of a Prophet and a Creed, no matter what religion it manifests itself as...i don't see what the big deal is when we all believe in a God who takes care of us and protects us and helps us when we need help...wither bigotry and inter-religious hate?
reading this page has redeemed my faith- there still are people with open hearts and intelligent minds..not machines that swallow anything you tell them.
oE very profound pd 040217
pipey thank you :) 040217
Akward angle So tired. I've been at war with the world for so long that I've forgottent why I'm angry... 040921
:) Jihad_united_states_Bush_vs_united_nations_Annan

Paris 1162005

riots: Beginning of Europe's jihad?
1162005 http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9938333/site/newsweek/ 051106
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