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70 people at Disneyland succumbed to what can only be described as a life event, with all of its ups, downs, tragedies, joys and triumphs. Sources at the scene were unsure of what had gone so horribly wrong as to allow life to seep past society's hyper-caution barrier, leaving most to speculate as to what could have possessed these people to leave the safety of their living rooms without first donning their state-issued full body condoms.

"So how did your trip to Disneyland go?"

"Oh..that. Well, we heard people were getting measles so we decided to give each of the kids $200 and set them loose in the Disney section at Wal*Mart. Then we all stood in the long line at Customer Service to round out the experience. How about that Mexican weekend you and Jennifer were going on? How did that go?"

"Weeelll.. We heard that they were shooting people down there, and they say the water gives you the runs, so...well.. We bought some Coronas, taco shells and a piņata and had a Mexican date night instead."

"That's smart. I heard going anywhere or doing anything can be really dangerous. I'm glad you two had second thoughts. Whew!..I was just kind of worried, ya know?"


1. I'm not sure why people who have been vaccinated need to worry about the dirty Typhoid Maries who aren't. I're VACCINATED for gawd sake! I'm very happy for you. Now, stop bitching and let us all go die in peace. Thank you.

2. Seeing as how she IS vaccinated, the purpose of Ms. Miller's rant seems simply to bolster her decision's authority by touting it as the decision everyone should make. The Emperor's New Clothes plot then takes shape as, like the sneaky little tailor, she pronounces everyone a moron who doesn't see things the way she says they are. And she does it like a sadistic 15 year old intellectual who doesn't realize that you don't have to set an opinion on kill..only stun, to get the desired effect.

3. Interestingly enough, the author seems well acquainted with the looong history of vaccinations, yet doesn't find it suspicious that only relatively recently has their been a huge media blitz to get everyone to take these vaccines. And as these waves of new flus and viruses are pronounced soon..lo and behold.our SAVIOURS develop a vaccine. Saints that they are, they make them available in every (corporate owned) corner drug store in the developed world. This is the corporate world we're talking about. Why the f---, if Ms. Miller's opinion was deliberated so thoroughly, isn't she a bit suspicious of their sudden interest in vaccinating us all?

4. The minute they start forcing vaccinations is the minute we all need to rethink what this mad dash into the arms of security has done to our people.

Perhaps she should let us nutters be consumed by our festering microbes, comforted only by pillowey mounds of used Kleenex and the few pious souls who are merciful enough to brave our disgusting maladies.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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no reason i'm not sure if the above post is meant as a weird joke. i'm hoping it is.

epitome of incomprehensibility Question the motivations of the anti-vaccine people, too. To me it seems the leading promoters on that side just want attention and celebrity, and are rather callous in promoting their non-science.

Also, not all vaccines are the same; I don't think the flu shot is as important as say, a hepatitis or measles vaccines, since there are different strains of influenza and the flu shot won't protect you from them all. I haven't taken one this year because I already had a flu October. Plus I'm lazy sometimes.

But for ineluctable modality's sake, getting some potentially useful antibodies injected into your bloodstream isn't like wearing a full-body condom (curious what that'd look like, though.)
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