psyki misty green cloud hovers above the fading orange sunset

peacocks fly in the distance flapping their beautiful wings and happily singing melodies which ring and echo through the air loudly and clearly with a wavering pitch

down between the massive mountains of rock and dirt lies a narrow brown valley which has no life nor vitality yet looks so alive for within it are myriads of rushing streams full of cool water flowing around in a tilted ellipse

but nowhere to be seen are several swift antelopes vividly hopping over motionless turtles and swine

rose growing and blossoming among fields of wheat and corn while horses graze upon the grass and sheep roam across the hairy pasture landscape searching for the flower of their dreams that will feed them for a fleeting instant but not much longer than that

by the cragged edge of the cliff a duckling lost and lonely whimpers softly until the warm breeze arrives to lift her up and take her back home to the pond where her mother anxiously waits to once again cuddle her child

the sunlight is grey in my dreams
miniver A personality disorder. 000815
somebody is it contagious? 001004
silentbob You can measure how poetic something is by placing it on your most sexually sensitive area and holding it there and if it gets you hot then its pretty poetic. if you climax, then its tremendously poetic. 010718
optic discretion To each their own definitions ... no one can tell you how to define poetry. Poetry is the song of your heart, and to each their own unique chants.

Poetry cannot be measured by its "poeticness" but rather by its sincerity and truth.
minnesota_chris those are great definitions of what is poetic. A story or an idea, distilled into pure moonshine.

It has nothing to do with rhyming words. Please, people, stop with the rhyming.
mood ring i like to rhyme
when i have to time
to look up synonyms for unrhyming words
but is it a crime
to not live in blue
and two
and shoe
but instead in the awesome phrases like
"she felt her innocence slip away as the wind beat upon her fail body,
as the wind screamed in her ears,
like the mother she had tried to escape"
but actually that wasnt too awesome,
and people do respect you,
for being rich enough to have the money to stay home,
and read a rhyming dictionary,
and maybe, when your done,
have a stirring ghame of pictionary.
(cuz you never ever ever have to rhyme in that)
but dont mind my rantings, im still coming down off a sugar high to the tune of half a pound of pixie sticks...
dosquatch Get over it. Poetry can rhyme, or not, and it's up to the poet to decide, not you.

I use both rhymed and unrhymed poetry. Neither is good. So there.
mood ring but im not deciding!!!
*confusion reigns supreme*
dosquatch Sorry, mood, I was answering Chris. You slipped a poem in there while I was responding :) 040530
minnesota_chris and that's actually the point I was trying to make there Sasquatch.

rar he's going to get you

I'm not even going to get into meter.
dosquatch Here it is! My proof that rhyme and meter don't automatically make a poem horrible. And, also, proof that not all of my attempts at poetry make the reader wince - "hazy" 040530
skinny pski: peacocks fly in the distance flapping their beautiful wings and happily singing melodies which ring and echo through the air loudly and clearly with a wavering pitch

how is it that this is so unpoetic?
minnesota_chris it's a little boring. Do peacocks even fly?

Your writing is straightforward.

Can you transport me to this scene, so I can see it, feel it, hear it, smell it? Feel the joy?
minnesota_chris when you wrote "god playing drums in 6/8, offbeat", that's poetic. You could build a poem around that phrase I think. 040531
skinny no, i didn't write that, the first guy on this page wrote it and was makeing a point it was poetic. i was just saying its not, cause ya, its too straight forward 040531
network a silent tech wanderer
looking for hope on the net
a friend that can share some happiness
even though living miles away
I want to be that wanderer
full of information
and not held down by certain whims
the feeling to be wanted in reality
what's it to you?
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