bijou we are too much, today, the two of us.

i held a big red shopping basket hanging on my elbow, and i was leaning a bit to the left to balance the weight of it.

you followed behind me, just over my shoulder as i picked up pomegranites and mangoes.

i don't usually eat mangoes, i think i was nervous with you standing behind me.

i felt like you were taking care of me. i felt like the old people were looking at us, what a cute couple we were.

we're not a couple. he's just nice to look at.
girl_jane -one of my favorite parts of summer. I once wrote a paper comparing myself to a dandelion. I am a dandelion... 020430
minnesota_chris Can you retype the paper here? I'd like to see that. . . 021118
girl_jane Isn't it odd that I pick today to revisit old blathes and this one just happened to be responded TODAY! I'll see if I can find it... 021118
Jeca ...are poisonous. mom didn't know that-- she just thought they looked pretty in the hole in my angel-food birthday cake! 021119
Jeca oops-- dandelions, daffodils, same thing

krimilda yellow, green, gnomes... should they be red? it IS late 021122
mythomane We tried to make dandelion wine in the spring, because he had a recipe and it made me think dreamily of Ray Bradbury. I carried a wicker basket as we wandered around campus in the rain, picking them from every small patch of grass. We stored it at the top of my closet, and by the next day all my clothes just stank of spring and alcohol. 021122
girl_jane Here you go Chris. You'll have to excuse some of the wording and such that doesn't sound like my typical choice of wording. Grammar papers had to have certain words and phrasing to fulfill the rubric.

If I were to compare myself to an object, the best thing I could compare myself to is a dandelion. I am like a dandelion in many ways. A dandelion is bright. A dandelion is a flower to some, but a weed to others. However, Iím somewhat different from a dandelion (because it stays in one place.)
Dandelion is no lmisnomerl. Dandelions are just as dandy as they could be. A dandelion is a bright yellow color. I would consider myself having a bright, colorful personality. Yellow is considered a cheery color, and almost all of the time I am in a good mood and optimistic. Iím less likely to be lirasciblel or in the ldoldrumsl. Not only is my personality bright, but my mind is also something about me that I consider to be bright. I consider myself an lastutel person.
A dandelion is sometimes considered a flower, but it is sometimes considered a weed. The people that see it as a flower tend to be a bit more open-minded. Those who view it as a weed tend to be people of structure. The people (who accept me) for who I am have to be a bit more open-minded. Whether itís a flower or a weed also depends on where the dandelion is growing and how itís being used. If it is a dandelion, (which is bright yellow,) among a lmyriadl of beautiful, red roses in a garden, it may not be appreciated there, and it would be considered a weed. (When it is a dandelion between the sticky hands of a little boy giving it to his mother,) it becomes a flower. The mother of the boy is delighted to receive the gift.
One way that I differ from the dandelion is that it stays in one place. It doesnít move. I am the kind of person that canít stay in one position for very long. I also plan on moving away from Iowa, and that means that Iíll be separating myself from my roots. A dandelion wouldnít be able to do that and continue with life. It has to be firmly rooted in the ground.
Most people would agree with me when I say that I am like a dandelion. Iím bright, and I get along better in certain places. Some people would disagree with me because I donít stay and one place and possibly because of other reasons. There are fewer ways I am like a dandelion than ways Iím not. This is why I think I am like a dandelion.
minnesota_chris hooray. I like dandelions. 030315
megan i heard that if you look into a bottle of dandelion wine long enough, listening to counting crows, you will see your future. 030316
shadowfalls dandy lies 031007
pipedream that was very sweet and pretty, jane. reminded me of grassy meadows and windy days and white billowy skirts- and of course, dandelions wreathed around a head, tucked behind another's ear and clustering around a wood fence. yay. 031008
Dia I like dandelions a lot, even though others want to weed them, I keep them, I like their bright yellow color. 040305
andru235 blow a white dandelion
into your neighbor's manicured lawn
send those seeds flyin'
weeds are not the devil's spawn

monocultured grass is lame
has your sense of beauty been tamed?
chemicaled lawn? high alert!
this route leads to dry desert!

don't believe in lawn care's ills?
think it is better to terraform hills?
wait until your memory jogs
from toxic water come five-legged frogs

blow a white dandelion
into your neighbor's manicured lawn
join the revolution
[dandelions aren't worse than pollution!]
Q Here, I have a bunch of dandelions for you. 050428
what's it to you?
who go