psyki whatever makes you happy
whatever you want
your skin makes me cry
you're just like an angel
you're so fucking special
i wish i was special
but i'm a weirdo
i'm a creep
i don't belong here
what the hell am i doing here?
misty I miss being able to make you shiver. That was the best part. 000330
WoNDERGIRL and so you say I'm so special to you
and so I wonder if she was special too
MollyGoLightly mirror in the bathroom? 000523
BIRDMAD IS DEAD "I used to amuse you
I knew that i'd lose you

I thought you were special
I thought you should know"
silentbob I never take you for granted
i listen to your every word
everything you say is music and every look you give me is a gift
every word is my Bible
you're everything to me and i don't have you with me so i am nothing.
I'm like a leaf fallen off a branch and landed on the ground, rained on, stepped on, neglected.
You make me think of Pink Floyd and you make me wanna sing, "Wish U were here"
Mimi You say that I'm special, I think everyone on earth is special in their own way.....so why do I have such a hard time believing you??? 000620
miniver There are alot of people.
People tend to be all the same species.
Creatures of the same species tend to have evolved in the same manner, with the same biological and, for those brainous sort, psychological features.
So, not only do we tend to end up trying to be more special than all those other billions, but those other billions are all trying to be special too, and they're probably all going to use the same sort of mechanisms to do it!

No one is allowed to say 'souls'! Stampsies! No more rules! Time infinity!
miniver 'Times', you know?

It's all so damned deflating!
MollyGoLightly how long can you hold your breath? i'm doing jumping jacks until i am special. 000711
birdmad am i the apple
are you the worm

i let you in
chewing me up from the inside out

fly away

far from here

i'll just quietly

damn you
Tank he reveres me so and in doing so makes me so much less. in his veneration of me, i am drained into a mere iota of that which he worships. i am not special, i do not want his reverance, i do not want to be drunk dry. i need me for me and i tried to urge him to need himself so. i wish he would leave me be. if he loves what i say so much, that he is willing to idolise me for it, then why won't he please at least listen to what i say. if he did, i wouldn't be feeling so tired. i wouldn't resist him, i wouldn't run... 000828
Mikkel you are so very special
but I`m a creep
I`m a weirdo
What the hell am I doing here
I don`t belong here
evolutionending YOU THINK YOURE SO FUCKIN SPECIAL 010207
chrissy hynde brass in pocket 010207
indistractible as a child they made me go to special classes because school was boring.
no-one else realised that school was boring because they were too busy enjoying tormenting the kids that went to the special classes.

i hated them all.

they used to call me wierd even when i was six. i said thankyou. i grew up to be wierder.
RAH you told me i was special... what a freaking lie.

Well you were special too but.. i went to go jump off this balcony.. and you stopped me.. so am i special to you... or did you not liek the thought of a splatered body?
queen of the sick fucks oh, i'm sure that if they knew that their concern would be met with contempt they'd have pushed you off instead 011002
rhuube MINDY 020331
mind(e.e) i don't think i am very 020331
red what you are to me 020502
shatazap her. girl 4. 020520
gelfling him. boy 2. 020521
pleaseohplease make me feel 020521
- . 020803
~gez~ so remember when your feeling very small and insecure how amazingly unlikely is your birth
and pray that theres intelligent life somewhere out in space because theres bugger all down here on earth
*silent screams Sometimes the most special things of all are the easiest things to take for granted. 030131
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) You're so special to me.
You helped me through some of the toughest times.
Even when I made mistakes.
Even when I upset you.
You forgave me.
I hope you know how much I love you.
I do love you.
You're my best friend.

Thankyou so much.
nomatter i wish i was special 030916
3scientists Poof!
Dead friends.
hsgatincamail be someone 040409
Syrope that's nice. really nice.

i want to see the movie again. damnit.
ofsuch thats how you make me feel 040430
Jess Lise is... 040515
flutterbi i have a girlfriend who makes me feel so special. i've always thought that i was a special person, i guess she's the first person other than myself to see that. ;) 050221
forsaken by a toaster clerbloinkula! ahahaha!!! 070708
forsaken by a toaster clerbloinkula! ahahaha!!! 070708
forsaken by a toaster clerbloinkula! ahahaha!!! 070708
rarsaoen by a tokstfe! what wrong with you? 070708
Lizzy Price Hello friend,
Every medication less the price as never
Hurry up!

what's it to you?
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