Something softly spoken catches me from behind, and as I turn my head oh so slowly to see what that something softly spoken might be, something gently rising into the air catches my eye and I find myself struggling very slightly at the base of my spine.
mousie hurry, before it closes!! 020430
phil I have several mental portals, one by a grocery store, another by my old house. I see them all the time.
There is no way to prove what it actually means, but if I walk through them in the right direction, I can change realities. The one at the grocery store seems more active than the others. I can count four or more directions to go through it.
They must be memories, I can't quite remember right, ot maybe something traumatic happened there.
At one, I know something traumatic happened...I am going to look like a ocmplete ass walking aound Hy-Vee all day again tomorrow looking for it.
phil I walk in one way, I go far in the past and three people...It doesn't seem good.
90 degrees to that is my grandparents house, and inbetween the two of them is a path, near my granparents house but out of position.
The one oppposite that is the hill at the grocery store before a road was put there.
At my old house, things get real screwy, ecerything is condensed and squished together. This is a large portal which fills the whole street, and leads to college, to the future that I thought would be at the lake by my old house, to woods with a cave I made up, to the side of a hill that never excisted with a dream inside it. A hick dream on the other side, memories of talking to people on the internet. A road from a book, that can be two different roads, either from hitchiker's guide or some horror story. To the right a path linking my other grandparents house. Now I get some auditory hallucination, I don't know what it is...I think it's TV.
Opposite those paths is field where monks are fighting, Past the fighting monks ( a book I read about the history of monks ) takes me to college. I can go anywhere around the campus, and one spot in particular where I was talking to my friend Dan about buddhism. SOmething I read from a big about the seasons and there meaning is linked to this place. My friend James is linked here to, in a bush. This is getting long, and it is sort of a dead end. Out of college, to where the monks where at. The path leads to woods so dark I can't see. On the left a link on the right side of the woods, with two paths, a path into town and a path into the woods, The wood path leads to a wall full of holes and water, with people reading books, in the lower part of the wall people are talking about dreams. In the town, I usually just leave here, there is a link back to my old house but it's not a good one, it has people fighting in the back of my uncle's house about what time it is. The devil is further down the path. A fish is in a tree nearby (a story I wrote). I remember back in the town is the old strong dark brown tree, this deals with wisdom an inner strength. This also takes me to the fence, where the hicks were at, back near my old house. But they are gone and the chakras are there, and out by gavin's house (he cooked and smoked bud) now I can walk around in his neighborhood, (which I have confused with a part of my neighborhood, hehehe) There are teachings there, about hitting people. The way back out through the woods, up to river, is blocked by some people. They stand near the tree and talk about bideo games. The devil is over therem *same place as before). That must be why I stay away from the town, the devil is later in the town.
I walked down the river and talked to some people about witchcraft, they talked about the river, and made is seem blue, someone died in the river, people where trying to cast spells on one side, and on the other side my spirit is calling me home.
Meditation takes place near here, where my cat died, at a tree. Someone there knows something. They are disciplined.
phil I feel good now 020521
phil physically
I remember one thing, the first time I saw satellite TV...was that at my grandparents new house. I don't think I will ever see this place again in real life, I don't know if it ever was real. I must have been playing a lot of video football at that time.
phil I remember at the water wall with holes, that is where I learned I guess. People don't need anyone else, they just need themeselves. Now there is a link to my friend Ryan's house here. A lot of this has to do with bad internet conversations. There is a real good one though, past those bad ones, I see a big red field with a fence, where a lake is supposed to be. And the path up alongside his house, is the same as the path past my old house. That is full of things I learned about drugs, and what they can do to you. This is where some other drug talk has gone to as well, and there is a connection going back to the woods out by my house.
It's about living in the woods none the less, I lived out there for a few days one time, good times.
I don't know, all this is places I've been to before. I can go anywhere now, make whole new places, fly up into heaven, or go kick it in hell.
phil why is my mind so active, it must be the orange soda. 020521
phil I keep going back to the old tree, it wanted to give me something. A stick?
It gave me a jewel, my creative jewel, where I make things. I trapped all the wiccan bastards who think they make lightning in a big spider web.
This tree is the tree I kept asking for. The jewel is red. I am in the chakra suit of color. I am playing final fantasy. Out near some woods in Lincoln. A memory of a camping trip. There were dudes out skiing on a boat, and during the night we looked at the moon. It's smaller than it looks you know.
I can look in your mind...
"Ancient_Pagan" Ancient_Pagan says: "There's a portal to every dimension, universe, bi-universe and multiverse!" 020522
bethany so then the devil is just looming there down the road
and i dont get how you had a server in the woods or final fantasy

did anyone ever tell you that you would do well with 'methods of loci' it's a mneumonic device for remember ing that deals with putting the things you have to remember in the places in your head

you could be a doctor and a writer
what's it to you?
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