joshinya she's a friend of mine 000719
pasp I dont like jaded 000813
Erin I've never known what this word meant.....its just really pretty 010225
distorted tendencies and vain. 010823
unhinged so they have jaded turkish gold cigarettes now....that is so perfect i can't stand it. 010823
distorted tendencies Oh it hurts!

Feels so damn good though..

Pain is pleasure.
Pain before pleasure.
Pain and pleasure.

Where's my fucking mirror?
tourist What once was Fresh and Innocent
Worn down into Tedium and Suspicion
The Excitement of Life
Now is Routine and Expected

Not the Innocent Green Gem
More the Weathered Stone
Washed by the Tears of Loss
Polished by The Winds of Change

In Youth Unscathed by Politics
As Young We Share the Dream
One World, One Kind, One Vision
With Age How Strange It Seems

Though We Know the Answer
Is in Surrender
We Know as Well
Of Human Greed
Shawn A Kiss:
Adrenaline surges as she answers the door. "Come in she says" and we both laugh out of place. We sat to watch a show, but talked more than saw. When silence breaks in, I want to jump in the air. There is a hidden energy in the space between us that swallows our pain and lightens our mood. I see what is happening but I'm not sure what to expect. She leans my way and I smell her hair as it lightly brushes against me. We are touching; arms, hands, backs. I touch her lips and fall deep into her; I am. Alive and dreaming we let go. We dance in beat only to our hearts and I know this moment will never end. Our lips slide away together while we smile unkowingly. She lays in my arms and we both think in key. "This is nice".

A Kiss:
I met her at work, but didn't know her too well. "Come over if you like", she had told me at break. I stopped by cause I had no where better to go. So we sat and we watched a movie she owned. She pushed toward me and leaned in my arms. I played with her and pulled away when she touched her forehead to mine. I had all the time I wanted. It would be over tommorrow anyway. I finally gave in and we began to kiss. I checked the time on a wall clock. I listened to the movie playing in the backround. She pulled on my pants and yanked on my dick. She pulled open her shirt and me unto her. I thought of a time that was long ago passed. "I'm sorry" I said. She got pissed and I left.
flipchrist jadedfreak.com 030322
nonentity i'm like a carpet, my illusions are the dust being beaten out of me - though true, a few of those particles were fondly held dreams 030705
Nightshade i have found a cure for jadedness!
whatever you will.
i was jaded
i got a boyfriend
i am no longer jaded!
but theres still this feeling,
this foreboding.
that my imaginary world will come crashing down around me,
showing the horrors i cowered from in my mind.
and in the end i will be alone thinking to myself,
"ah that was nice, now back to my pool of misery."
maybe im paranoid
or depressed
ignore my rant if you wish
once agian I'm not innocent.

I've got scars and memories. I say cynical things sometimes. I make cruel comments.

But I would not say I'm jaded.

I still stare in awe at sunsets, and still cheer for birthdays. I still love lolipops and christmas carols. cotton candy makes me happie and so do butterflies. I think that snow is magical and that the moon can really hear me sometimes.

Not innocent, but something else perhaps.
Borealis beautiful?
not innocent
pete i hope he doesn't make you angry and jaded 040728
Borealis oh...
he will

I just hope its worth it while it lasts.
emmi the clock strikes midnight

another tear shed
another life lost
what's it to you?
who go