setsuna meiou how could one so beautiful, so precious, be even remotely interested in me
with my odd shape
and my dirty hands
and my odd mind

but, maybe it is true
and I hope I can handle it
Toxic_Kisses If The Truth ever comes by just to see how we're doing even if he doesn’t blather any more. I really wish I'd gotten to know him while he was here in blather. 011222
mahayana if when you are homeless
do you dream more or less

[or does it not matter to wonder]
pushpins i wonder
because wonder is a beautiful thing
and what else is there to do
with the time I have?
I wonder about lost things
and moments frozen still in the future
waiting for me to make them real.
I wonder and I wander
because there's nothing left to do
and I am free
to do this now.
i wonder without a care
because I have cared without meaning
and wondered with too much bias.
i wonder because thats what i was meant
to do.
yummychuckle hey I'm newly homeless.

but maybe that too will fade.
unhinged if i will ever get rid of all the complexes my father gave me. if i will ever be content with anything..yep that's one of them. thanks dad. if it's possible to be complete. if anything anyone says to me ever really means anything. if i will ever be more than a 'good friend' or 'big/little sister' if i could make myself stop breathing. i tried the other day. it didn't work. damn involuntary responses. suicide would be so much easier that way. if she is human at all. if she thinks i enjoy not talking to her when i can feel her prescence painfully from across the room. when the day will come that i honestly don't care so that i can stop being sad and stop crying. 020418
little wonder if i will ever blathe like i used to 020423
CJ I wonder what i did all those times i was drunk and don't remember 020423
pipedream i wonder if anyone ever reads me blathering and thinks 'hey, this sounds good'. 030314
wingedSerpent yes, plenty of it does sound good 030314
wingedSerpent and some of it i could do without, but some of it is good 030314
Syrope i wonder if you really missed me this week or you were just saying that you were going to because we were pressed so tightly against each other.
i wonder why i was scared to ask you to call me, and scared to ask for your number. i wonder what would have been different if i hadn't been afraid.
i wonder if you'll do what i need you to do next sunday night - just...show up. i wonder if i'll hate you for knowing that that's what i need.
i wonder if i'll tell you about the guys at the beach, or what i did the night i got back. i wonder if you'll ask. i wonder if you'll want to know, even if you don't ask. i wonder if you'd care if you knew.
i wonder how_long we'll go_on_like_this
pipedream thank you, serpent :)) 030414
ferret i often wonder, what would happen if the internet was never invented. We wouldn't miss it, because we would have no comprehension of what it was, we would be pretty much cut off from the world, that would suck 030415
x if i was the type of person who could write impassioned and (romantic, sincere, flowery, articulate, meaningful) prose, would you love me or hate me for it? 030723
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl the lion is out on the hunt hunt hunt 040104
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i wonder what it is about blather that draws me to it. 040104
nah . 040105
:-) it's me! face it girl, you just can't get enough! 040115
young pretender i used to wonder if there was somewhere in the world where you could be who you really are.

then i found blather.
i wonder and I wonder, if there's anyone out there? is anyone listening to me? Of course I speak to an audience. there is an audience. but, if there was no audience, would I still be speaking? I think so. After all, there was no audience at the beginning. then i started to care, and now i have an audience. But do I want an audience? Can I trust you? If I tell you things, will you keep quiet? hm. No. possibly not. but who cares? it's all just online. but people know. a person knows. red? but still. oh i don't know.

never mind.
young pretender i_wonder if i should tell her. i_wonder if i can bare my soul to the world. i_wonder how the world would react. 040718
nonlucid a good many things - wonder about everything in the world and how it works and why, and why things are the way they are and sometimes i tell myself to stfu and that it doesn't matter
and sometimes i wander and wonder away
palm is your throat sore? 050323
. I don't think that connection will ever die.

yes it is.
palm i should warn you then. sniffles soon follow. and should you develop a head cold do not blame me. 050323
sab i wonder how far
ive actually come

in these 5 years.

outwardly, yes
inwardly, yes

but the core stills seems
the same
unhinged what you think about when you think about me 070525
unhinged if you ever think about me now
or as often
as i still think about you

i convince myself that you don't
i roll over in my otherwise empty bed
my arms sprawled
reaching for something
that isn't there

(was that really all
unhinged if after all these years
i will ever come up with a
new narrative
what's it to you?
who go