celestias shadow ...therefore I am

but really, I'm not sure what to do. I think I'm... starting to like him, but I'm not sure. I don't really have a crush on him, I'm not really attracted to him (except sometimes, when he looks at me a certain way, and he looks pretty), but I'm more comfortable around him than I've been with pretty much any boy. I mean, I'm still afraid of what he thinks, and I'm still a little careful what I say around him, because I don't want him to think I'm a complete idiot. His opinion means SO much to me. But I'm getting more and more comfortable, more and more myself around him.

Besides, we practically are the same person. We have the exact same taste in so many things, and we say each other's thoughts sometimes. It's actually rather creepy. But in a good way.

I wonder how this is going to shape up. This could be very interesting. I'll be back in a month or so and post again.
sylverquiklight You now have a precious thing that needs to carefully be cultivated and nurished, something so many people desire but never have, and so many people get handed to them on a silver platter and never appreciate. 031228
mon every day i think
i am alive, i think
every day i
TK talkin off the top of her head Shouldn’t it be

I am there for I think (?)

After all if you didn’t exist how could you think?

or even better yet

I act there for I am

After all you can exist and think all you like but is it really living? Just bc you think does it really mean your alive? But if you take action in some way then it proves your actually living and simply not existing.
slothisily i think i think
i am thinking
about thinking

don't think
of anything
but what you
plan on thinking
in the future

thinking i think
that i am
a thinker
of sorts
i think to think
that thinking
can cause so much
of anything

and anything
could be everything
celestias shadow i think i'm going to stalk whitechocolatewalrus for a while on blather. this is just an advance warning. :) 040203
whitechocolatewalrus gah! i don't like celery...
:)hi celestias
sahba i ought to get a freakin brain
sane that is
  it's one of those things i should stop doing based on the amount of trouble it gets me 040211
sdkjskj@skjdks.com ertuegj 040826
eclipse I think I might actually hate you. 041029
mourninglight I think you should check your premise 041101
kyree I think that if your once uttered day dream faded for you. And became a long gone and forgotten thing. That I'm still going to hold onto that/those thoughts. Because for me. I need something to work towards. And that works real well for me. It's something worth hoping for, dreaming of.

I think it's my dream too.
stork daddy if i told you all about it, i'd jinx it. but you can read it when i'm done if it isn't horrible. 061003
bricks and i think, and i think, and i think. There is a constant voice in my head sort of narrating my life. It just sort appeared gradually and now its here to stay. It make it hard to enjoy most things with its incessent nagging. Thinking sucks. 061003
stork daddy i've given up on outsmarting my problems. maybe outdumbing them will work. 080318
Lemon_Soda Its worked for me. 080319
blown cherry it's late on a Friday night and though I've had nothing to drink I probably should have checked the gmail goggles before blathering 081010
ungreat I think you'd look really good with your shirt off in a pair of old faded blue plaid jamma bottoms with your pelvis leaning against the stove of your apartment or house. looking at me hold the handle of a skillet as if about to make breakfast you'd look amazing. You'd have abs that aren't too dominate and nice smooth solid lats, and you'd have that body that says I don't working out i just wake up this way. I think about the look on your face when I end it a few months after I get the grade I wanted. The hurt puppy dog look because you fell in too deep and forgot that I just wanted an A. I'd give you a silver metal and never mention it to any one until i was very old and had outlived my husband. Then I would tell my grandbabies what I did for some death bead absolution. Then i snap back into reality and realize that this will never happen because you'll never take your shirt off and you'll never make me breakfast, and i'll never be unloyal to my boyfriend. or so I think. 090206
squishyfish squishyfish 101107
fghio fghio 101114
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