meg let me protect you.

help you breathe.

let me lift you.

help you grow.

let me hear you.

help you speak.

let me love you.

help you see.

your light.

our light.

the light.


hold my hand.

i won't let you fall.
misstree i need to know that you have warmth. 040315
Lick My other one is busy. 040315
pd my fingers are lonesome 040315
ethereal now more than ever. 040413
Syrope i want to lay with you & talk about ghosts. i want to nuzzle into your chest and run my fingers through your hair. i'm still trying to get over how soft your hair is.

this is all happening at such a horrible time. there's the half hour every month or so that i want to be attached more than anything else, and you managed to be on my mind during that window...this could be dangerous
pete i'm cold, i'm wet, and i could be slightly feverish or delirious. please take my hand stiffend by three housr walking alone in the cold rain and hold it, giving it your warmth and life. 040413
puredream hold_my_hand when you're too weak to walk.
hold_my_hand when you're too scared to move.
hold_my_hand when you've forgotten how to cry.
hold_my_hand when you're so happy you could fly.
hold_my_hand when you cannot face the day alone.

know that my hand is outstretched. always.

sab hold my hand
because i need to find
that someone cares

hold my hand
remind me that
you love me

hold my hand
because i need something
to hold
mood ring hold my hand today
lead me through life; a small child
speezes your hand tight
puredream And I need someone to hold_my_hand...and GO! 040615
puredream For all the times when you remember. When you fear. When you cry.

Hold my hand, when you're screaming.
whitechocolatewalrus please don't hold my hand, i rather despise the idea of your hand being in my hand, making us be hand_in_hand.
you are a sickening individual,
i don't know why i still
always want to be with you.
unhinged it's so hard to find someone that will just hold your hand

i'm realizing the value in that now
and that's why i've been thinking so much about you
cause you were the only person in my life so far
that would just hold my hand
walk forever to lay in bed with me
drive across town with no money for gas
so i could sleep next to you
holding me
so that i could grab your hand
as i fell asleep
i just want to be that close to someone
without moaning and lust
to be that close to someone
because they love me
not cause they want me
i am being to realize the value in that
and how damn hard it is to find
puredream the way you hold my hand
the way you held my hand
i could have cried
because i felt so safe
so decieved
but thank you
for holding my hand
it's nice once in awhile
so simple
so meaningful to me
more than most will ever know
puredream a hand to hold... holding my hand... holding your hand... hand_in_hand... mind in mind... heart in heart... soul in soul... I don't just hold your hand... I hold you. 040714
Syrope puredream is my latest blather inspiration :) i love your way with words

tighter, please. i don't want to get lost
Deomis Hold my hand
And see me through
Past our fears
Through moonlight dew

Grasp my fingers
Feel my life beat
Never let me go
Our love is so sweet
puredream I would hold all of your hands if they were outstretched. I would love all of your hearts if they were open. I would breathe for all of you if you would let me.

If you need me to.

If you need,,, just hold_my_hand.
hsg holding your hand 040919
megan i see things in color
when you're walking beside me
pointing out the sights
fingers curled around fingers and wrists intertwined and arms brushing lightly
take me with you
wherever you are going
i want to be
liz dont dull away....
this is where my thoughts go on a daily basis. its my escape and my reality.
TW tighter, before I let you slip away... 060803
auburn words upset me. for the simple reason that they exist long after I'm gone. 071018
D through strange streets and lights,drive me though strange nights and darkness.

hold my hand through dreams and light and sweat and tears, blood.

hold my hand through tears through pain.

share your hands through storms, through smiles, through concious breathing.

hold my hands and keep me in your embrace.

unhinged i still have a hard time believeing
this echoing_thought will disappear

(then again
life is just a string
of moments

every moment
an opportunity for peace)

when you hold my hand
the anger subsides
unhinged wanting affection in this world is like wanting leprosy

chunks of my heart falling off from rotted disuse, starvation
what's it to you?
who go