Drennan I love the smell, I love the taste, that raging fire in my throat before I breathe in, the overpowering scent as it filters through my teeth and rages into my lungs. I love whisky. 000107
birdmad two cases of coke, two fifths of Old Crow and five pounds of ice

(and did i mention a large sub sandwich)

O! the hangover
MollyGoLightly I said I was not, under any circumstances, going to shoot that whiskey. But after a little arm-twisting and a good amount of beer, I did anyway. It didn't even hurt when I hit the floor. 000504
Brad Beer before liquor, never been sicker, liqour before beer, never fear. Never, ever forget that, molly. 000505
birdmad "and so i drank one,
it became four
and when i fell on the floor
i drank more

stop me
oh, oh, oh stop me
stop me if you think
that you've heard this one before"
erin the luftwaffe doublewhiskeycokenoice 010402
blather spell check whiskEy 010402
monadh uisce beatha
pronounced : ishkah bahhah

translation from the Gaelic : water of life

a.k.a. whiskey,.. or whicsy (when the word plain just doesn't roll off your tongue right)

~ slainte *
*Ziima* One of the past weekends I drank too much of it too fast and obviously got smashed. It was my bottle, and since I couldnt defend it in the state that I was in, someone stole it and I never seen it again. That was 15 dollars that I didnt get to enjoy by myself. Ohwell. The next night was much more fun with just Bud. 010403
kingsuperspecial I've based a complex, heavy, lonely world on various bottles of various whisky in various state of empty.

and it's whiskey, you butt holes.

Norm This is my personal favourite, out of the hard alcohols that is. It's quick and decent. I'll give it the title of godly. 010826
dictionary whore Word Key: Usage Note
whiskey or whisky?
Whisky is the spelling used for the Scottish drink and in British English generally; whiskey is used for the drink produced in Ireland and in American English generally.
dictionary whore so, motherfuckers, they are BOTH correct! 011211
dictionary whore ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

this means that even "blather_spell_check" isn't totally right!

HA! for ONCE!
blather spell check wow. you really need to get over this. 011211
hey now! i like the dictionary whore. 011211
dictionary whore that's funny.
i've read your blathes and you seem pretty fucking anal yourself. seems that i'm not the only one who has something to 'get over.'
ever dumbening could dictionary whore overthrow the reigning blather spleen check? will captain spamtastic and his sidekick Chrity slay the mighty and wise auto cross reference system? will superman get his ass mopped by the righteous Green Lantern?

stay tuned kiddies.

whatever the fuck for the first two, but heeeeell yeah to Green Lantern. (yo, man, did you see dat shit?)

and now a word from our sponsor:

Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky


Distilled, aged and bottled by the Marker's Mark Distillery, Inc
Star Hill Farm, Loretto, Ky. USA
1.75 liters 45% alc./vol.
blather spell check I'm not anal. All I want to do is help you people and all I get in return is abuse. fuck you all. a simple "thanks for tryin' bsc" would do. 011211
ever dumbening oh, and one more thing.


what did you do with the 2 cases of coke?
ever dumbening bsc,

i'm all confused. i love you, i love dic whore. (i love electronic, self-activated spelling corrections units???) could i be polylexigraphic?

e. dumb
birdmad i mixed many of the cokes with the Old Crow

my stomach has taken too much of a beating in past years to the point where straight liquor makes me ill almost on contact

i almost always have to mix anything above the 60 proof mark anymore
ilovepatsajak i'll always remember pepe with whisky breath and a striped brown polyester shirt. 011212
butt rock surprise a go go 011212
Mokita Dénombrons leurs péchés...

Le premier d'entre eux réside en ceci qu'ils ne boivent pas pour le plaisir, ni pour apprécier l'arôme ou le bouquet de leur whisky, mais uniquement pour obtenir un effet physique.

Ils considèrent le whisky non comme une boisson mais comme une drogue, non comme une fin en soi mais comme un simple moyen …

Le whisky subit les pires outrages entre les mains de ces ivrognes, de ces gens qui boivent pour s'enivrer, privés des organes du goût et de l'odorat, que seule intéresse la teneur en alcool, […] et de tous ceux qui errent dans les ténèbres où il n'existe pas des whiskies mais le whisky, et bien entendu, l'eau gazeuse ! »

Aeneas Macdonald cité par Charles MacLean
Malt la noblesse du Whisky - Hachette - 1997
stork daddy you're the devil, you're leading me astray 031030
Doar can't touch the stuff anymore.....become a violent drunk.

stick to beer and vodka
lissah a gallon of old crow helps take the sting away from bullet wounds. 031031
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