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first breath after coma thoughts:
memory (and although these are not meant to be links to any other)
reading Doar's comments.
Thanks for being here.

moving on, *initial

thoughts/feelings as
that first drink, sip, or chug of water hits you; after you had realized this is the only thing you crave at that moment. so simple.

eye contact between people and the different kinds you have experienced and have yet to experience.

set of expectations a person has about you and you have about a person.

letter of a word.

desire, the thoughts and actions which accomidate this amazing concept/idea/emotion.

initial: is this, then a bit of creation?

What came first? Does anyone remember? The initial feeling of existance? Of knowledge of being you, of being? What are these first thoughts? Are they so tiny or are they great with yet unthought-of potential?
Then, as some of the satisfyingly strange and difficult to come by conversations (how to explain?) about things you knew to be true when you were young, forgotten, and remembered again. Whisperings from a muse or muses, from the tree of gnosis, perhaps?
But then there's that borderline of believability. This subject has been in the grey area for a long time. Dreaming and belief. Creation. Truth before all of the curtains have been drawn, the doors locked (with or without keys), the minds have closed themselves off.
Ug. There is so much more to say. But it is much better to create in your own mind, to think about and ponder about this word and all it encompasses, if you desire.
Desire. There's that word again. Hey Desire, perhaps this might not be a good time or place to do so but I'm gonna. I thought, a small amount of thought about where your realm's fingers touch, the good and the bad. I didn't get far. Heh. A lifetime will not allow for that. I came to the conclusion that you, Desire, are amazing. You create (initial...ahhhhhh!!! secret word of the day)and you destroy. The balance is there. Cheers!!
Hah hah.
Creation. There must first be creation before there is any destruction. The initial thought, then desire, and then creation. Sometimes and hopefully more often with passion, experience, and genius. And there is imperfection and editing.
Destruction. The secondary but not of lesser importance. There seems to be a balance here. To destroy allows for change, creation, and the end to good, bad, otherwise. Hmm...there is more. I have yet to think about destruction and where the flakes and molecules of what once was fall to or dissipate out to.
There was, however horribly portrayed on this site my comments end ut to be, a point to all this rambling. And yes, it is related to the initial.
I know there are geniuses here, the writers, who are not writers by choice but it is part of them. Write. Create. Start. Edit. Destroy. Create. A most important note (yellow sticky note handed to you) don't forget what you love, what you are...a writer, damn it!
For everyone else who might not be the best writer, to the jack of all trades, to people with a Passion, to those who have not yet discovered what they are good at:
I Challenge you. Go do something you have never done before. Experience. "Experience is the mistress of all things." ~Da Vinci (check out his notebooks, vol 1 & 2) Relax. Life is just more difficult when you're stressed. Relaxing helps you to put your body and your mind in a comfortable place. It helps you to think without distraction. It helps you to focus. Relaxing helps to creation.
However, strife, opposition and need also help create. So does stumbling upon something new to you, either physically or otherwise.
I suppose it is all about the situation you are in and who you are, among other variables.
Look at all the types of governments, states, systems, religions, and so on that Work in the world today and throughout history. What it comes down to is this: Whatever works (for you.)
Damn it, find that Passion or want or interest in something. Learn, experience, create.
For all of you, this is my initial. This is my challenge. This is one of my Desires.
Reach for something and if you're lucky you'll grab it. Never let go.
A new beginning awaits with leaps, jumps, coughing, sputtering, sneezing, flying and falling. But then, some say it's the journey that counts.
Don't forget to share some of it with people you care about.
Doar thanks shadowjones. 050714
shadowjones no problem.

you know, it's fun to see blathertag going on between others. responding to each other's comments/questions/writings/blahdeeblah/and so on.

and now, i shall leave you with one last thought: an epileptic penguin having a seizure at the top of an iceberg, falling, and while still spazzing sliding down (with more speed as time passes) the hill into the water. there must be an epileptic penguin somewhere. ahh creation.
with a dash of salt all the penguin can think of is: "oh no, not again!" 050714
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