emily grief

aren't i done yet??
j_blue it never goes away, you just get used to it. 001004
psycho babe And as the empty souls walk on the lord said
"shed no tears for the world has died and there is nothing left but grief"
chanaka grief is like an open that opens of it's own accord. we can do nothing but shiver...until we notice it less and less, and wonder where it flew to...but it is still there
kelli crane it hit me like a ton of bricks
or a sledghammer to the chest
what i thought was far behind me
was now an unwanted guest
i looked to the sky
as if to say
pain pain go away
come again some other day
blown cherry something that I seem to have dealt with in my sleep. I have a vague recollection of waking up wailing and weeping, but I was asleep again so quickly that it has barely left an impression upon my true waking.

The Good Grief Fairy is looking out for me.
belly fire Life goes on.
Sure, that's what they tell me.
Despite all my efforts to the contrary, life trudges on.
Why so many people feel the need to share this factoid-o-life is somewhat beyond me but, I'm sure, that upon hearing it even once more I may just wish myself into un-being.
Grief, it seems, is one of those beloved gifts that we routinely (almost compulsively) deny ourselves.
Such great honesty is in grief. Release of doubt, anger, fear - a wash of it all in a few salty tears.
Why then do we fear to grieve?
Why say such a sap as "Life Goeth On" with a tight set of mouth and nod of head and be done with it?
I ask, why MUST it go on? (surely because we have no control over it...)
Do our loved ones really live their lives so that we may one day stoop over their headstones and swallow all the sadness?
Cry for dad, cry for Gene, cry for Freida - gone in her sleep. Weep for the victims of life forever moving on and emote yourself back to humanism.

It goes on but, given the chance, I would stop all the clocks for the sake of pure, honest grief.
frayedvine 'most worthy comfort, now my greatest grief'
- W.S
tessa i don't want it to stop. i don't want to move on. i don't want to forget.

how do i know when it just turns into self pity?

scared of feeling guilty for feeling happy, it is safer simply to never be happy again
LS The second you say to yourself you don't want it to go on. And its not self pity, its stubborn selfishness. 061115
Silentbob Woke up early this morning and from my bed
looked far across the Strait to see
a small boat moving through the choppy water,
a single running light on. Remembered
my friend who used to shout
his dead wifeís name from hilltops
around Perugia. Who set a plate
for her at his simple table long after
she was gone. And opened the windows
so she could have fresh air. Such display
I found embarrassing. So did his other
friends. I couldnít see it.
Not until this morning.

Raymond Carver
smallhours We canít control weíre all born screaming. My last breath, I wonít spend on grieving. 171207
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