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ap Venice, CA - Feral House - Underground publisher Adam Parfrey presents a second coming of America’s darkest shadow side in Apocalypse Culture II, the completely new sequel edition to what was called by J.G. Ballard "the terminal documents of the twentieth century." The original Apocalypse Culture, an underground best-seller since its emergence in 1987, going through 13 printings, has remained a huge influence on popular culture. The sequel delineates further regions of the Forbidden Zone, the psychic maelstrom that everyone knows exists but fearfully avoids.

Subject matter includes:
- the biological resurrection of Jesus Christ via modern cloning technology,
- interviews with a convicted murderer and cannibal turned celebrity,
- recipes for cooking babies,
- homonculi,
- pedophilia,
- a re-enactment of the 914 deaths that occurred at Jonestown in 1978,
- a report on Bobby Beausoleil, his art, and his prison sex life,
- the farthest out conspiracy of all with reasons to take it absolutely seriously,
- letters sent to Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan,
- a sample necrocard for those who wish to donate their body to necrophilia,
- steps to overcome masturbation,
- the replacement of human mates with expensive masturbatory devices,
- fecal black magic,
- mind control via advertising,

and dozens of other compelling examples of our own Apocalypse Culture.

Observing that society has been infantilized by being told at every opportunity how to think and what to believe, editor Parfrey refuses to provide easy moral lessons in Apocalypse Culture II, though he supplies pertinent information before and after many articles to assist the interpretation of thoughtful readers. Some will find the contents quite shocking, but that, according to Parfrey, is not his primary purpose. This is an examination of sociological truths that speak of the culture that both created and ignore them.

Contributors include Colin Wilson, Ted Kaczynski, Pentti Linkola, Jim Goad, Peter Sotos, Michael Moynihan, Sondra London, Jonathan Vankin, Irv Rubin, George Petros, Chris Campion, Robert Sterling, David Woodard, Dan Kelly, Wes Thomas, Crispin Hellion Glover, Boyd Rice, Kadmon, Chad Hensley, James Shelby Downard, Rod Dickinson, Steve Speer, Sarita Vendetta, Ghazi Barakat, Kristan Lawson, Issei Sagawa, Rosemary Malign, Danny Rolling, Larry Wayne Harris, Nicolar Claux, Stu Mead, Trevor Brown, George LaMort, and Beth Love.

Table of Contents

Preface by Adam Parfrey
Clonejesus.com - Kristan Lawson
Human Pigs - Robert Knight, Robert Kimbrell, Michio Kaku
The Strange Crime of Issei Sagawa - Colin Wilson
Bottom Feeder
From Cradle to Ladle - Georges LaMort
For Fear of Little Men - Steven Speer
The Son of a New Morality Which Drowned Many in Her Wake - Michael Moynihan & Marco Deplano
Bacteriological Warfare - Larry Wayne Harris
The Conspiracy Virus, and How Mass Media Tries to Prevent It - Jonathan Vankin
Techniques for Truth Suppression - David Martin
The Scapegoat: Ted Kaczynski, Ritual Murder, and The Invocation of Catastrophe - Michael A. Hoffman II
America, The Possessed Corpse - James Shelby Downard
The Jonestown Re-enactment - Rod Dickinson
Murder Lite - Sondra London
Joe alt.true.crime - Adam Parfrey, Joe
Letter from Danny Rolling
I Am The Hate - Rosemary Malign
Roadkill - Jim Goad
Hatred and Anger - Charles Darwin
Dear Satan
The Pornography of Romance - Adam Parfrey
John Hinckley's Letters and Poems
Uncle Ronnie's Sex Slaves - Robert Sterling
Ritual Abuse
Ceto's New Friends
The Private Zone
Pedophilia and the Morally Righteous - Chris Campion
Prime Time - Peter Sotos
The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1995
The Late, Great Aesthetic Taboos - Ghazi Barakat
The Color Section
Inaugurator of the Pleasure Dome: Bobby Beausoleil - Michael Moynihan
My Lips Pressed Against the Decay - Chad Hensley
The Ketamine Necromance - David Woodard
RealDoll - Adam Parfrey
Who Is the Most Masterful Seducer of Them All? - Adam Parfrey
Steps In Overcoming Masturbation - Mark E. Peterson
The New Hermaphrodite - George Petros
Total Body Transplants - John McKenzie
Death By Installments - Peter Cochrane
The Syrup of Memory - Jeffery Lewis
Hi-Tech Market Research - Dan Kelly
Project Blue Beam: The Electronic Second Coming - Wes Thomas
Bye Bye Miss American Pie As Sung By Aryan Nations
Holding Onto Jesus' Feet - David Sereda
Jesus/Lucifer Santa/Satan? The Apocalyptic Parables Of Norbert H. Kox - Adam Parfrey
The Bleeder - Adam Parfrey, Giorgio Bongiovanni
David and Hitler go to the planet Mars - David
What Is It? - Crispin Hellion Glover
Never Again! - Irv Rubin
Jews For Hitler - Adam Parfrey
Were Whites Made by Yacub through Selective Breeding? - Dr. S. Epps
The War of the Balls - Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Kill and Kill Again
Brown Magic - Kadmon
The Fecal Sorcerer - Michael Moynihan
Edible Reward for Dry Pants - Richard M. Foxx and Nathan H. Azrin
The Shit List - Jack's Number Two
Dystopia - Boyd Rice
Mr. Awesome Proves Everybody Is A Star - Adam Parfrey
The Vampire Manifesto - Nicolas Claux
Humanflood - Pentti Linkola / Introduction by Michael Moynihan
Ship of Fools - Ted Kaczynski
Joe Coleman
rollins when the world ends
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fiend apocalypse?
Lets loot.
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matthew 24 "There will be wars, and rumors of wars.
Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.
These are merely the beginnings of birth pangs.

But do not worry, for these things must take place."
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