the void so I got to sit next to greg the whole time, and he liked to grab my arm at appropriate times, and I heard him sob once or twice, and it was really sweet.
After the party, he had to walk me back to the theatre, because we were both too drunk to walk on our own. It was fun. And he hugged me and kissed my cheek and said, "thanks mom"
Becky I fall asleep on some random couch. I'm not sure where I am, but at this point I'm not sure I care. I feel dead and numb and know I'm over my limit.. out of my league. Can't handle what I know I just did. So I sleep my life away after the party. 010414
guitar_freak everyone goes to my house. random people. untrusting. fuck him. nice... 010414
unhinged after the party i said yes when i should have said no. she never thought yes would upset her. and when she told me what she saw in you, every last bit in me died. outside...yep. i'm on the outside, waiting in the snow for you to show up and take my offer. after the party, i concentrated on the same spot on the spinning ceiling, trying not to think of you or the taste of cheap beer in my mouth. i woke up eight hours later still drunk, still tasting you. 010414
psychobabe after the party it was great! I dont exactly remember much, but i know the feeling of everything was great. Nothing felt wrong, everyone was happy, screaming and not giveing a damn about anyone else's perspective. Fuck it, during the party was even better to! its at the end when everything seems to stop, all the fun leaves, adn your left feeling like shit. Its a natural high, that i crave uncontrolably!!

But always after the party, am i ready for once again one hell of a night out, to let myself free
unchained in NY We were to drunk to drive home so we took a cab. Weaving on the corner, laughing at nothing at all. He smelled of scotch and some kind of calvin klien cologne. Cab stops! Finally, after he almost got ran over. We slip into the cab. I love the feel of cheap vinyl on my bare ass. He goes in for the kiss except we bump teeth. Laughing for a straight 20 min it seems. Then our laughs stop, our lips meet. (sparks) After one kiss my pussy needs him he is so hot I can't wait All reason has just gone out the window My head is dizzy I feel nothing but passion I take his hand and guild him to me I want to scream.I need release. I only feel him, smell him we can't stop He lowers himself while I lay sideways in the backseat His tongue touches me Incredible heat shoots to my brain. I hear someone say something like an echo.
He gets up looking into my eyes almost like he could burn through me unbuckles his pants then unbuttons my shirt sucking hard licking wildly then reaches down and grazes my pussy lifting my tennis skirt His hardness is large I can feel it on my leg I whisper please please oh oh I dig my nails into his back and then he goes inside of me a very deep oh comes out of my mouth I have left this dimension My eyes roll into the back I never thought pleasure this great existed Finally he falls onto me our breathing in unison Then the cab driver says " I guess you don't need a motel"
Norm I'm everybody's hero, and I'm sleeping in the tree house in the back yard. It's raining, refreshing, everybody else is running back inside now too, they probably had less to drink than me I better follow their lead. I've still got beer left over, lots of different brands, people give you beer when you'r their hero. 011001
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