black-dyed gel product FALLEEENG EEEEN MY SKEEEEEEN

that song is really annoying
Casey Overall hybrid theory is not all that bad. 010625
Logan Linkin Park is great 010626
burden I give them credit only because they made a concerted effort not to use profanity on their album... other than that, I think they blow goats. 010626
black-dyed gel product they suck. If you want good music, its weezer all the way. Purple monkey dishwasher. 010626
burden Weezer = best that ever was, best that is, and best that ever will be.


Rivers Cuomo has become my personal Jesus.
black-dyed gel product YES!!! WEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZEERRRRR!!!!

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!
matt crawling? dude the song rules (but weezer IS better, possibly the 2nd best alternative band ever) 011012
stefan i love you linkinpark i am your bigest fan and would you like to come to holland pleaze an time i want to meet you and if that can happen i cry my whole live but i have to go now i love you and i have all your three albums and chester your the best 031107
karl the weed weezer blows. 031107
... thankyou Karl. you have restored my hope in the alternative. 031108
MeKoy if you love wezzer so much that blather about that but dont come in here dogging on linkinpark if it werent for listening to thier song i prbaly wouldnt still be here today. 031227
MeKoy you the son numb ? if not cick here (numb) look at what i wrote"MeKoy" it has the lyrics to the whole song. An dif you do hate linkinpark find away to listen to it they deserv more respect. 031227
MeKoy sorry i meant you know the song numb?
god some thimes this site hates me.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl man that song is so much to me
im even like the girl in the vid with whats going on with all the ppl.
i love linkin park
im listening to their songs at the moment.
another great band is evanescence, they are fuckin awesome.
RoXXXie linkin park is awesome. they sing about angst ridden teen feelings and they dont do it in a bubble gum kinda way. 040111
RoXXXie oh, and chester bennington is hot 040111
.. ...yeah

not only do they sing about that 'teen angst', but they sing in their late twenties - when they have all the fucking answers to the questions they were tortured by as teens.

This is a lesson - FUCKING LISTEN!

when people tell you how it's going to be different - it's going to change. Trust them.

I know it sounds ridiculous - when I was younger I thought those people, they know fucking NOTHING about what I'm going through...

and we have to get there ourselves, but really, just listen. Once someone has been past that part they know what the fuck they're talking about.

and yeah - they have been there, so abandon all those excuses for making tragic mistakes.
and just acdept that maybe when they tell you 'such&such' is a dumb idea, they know what the fuck they're talking about.

you don't have to learn everything by doing. some of it comes from the people who actually care about you, and have already been through the same things, and just want to pass along the insight - so you don't wind up hurting later.

That is a good thing, kids...
MeKoy alot of people can relate to whats going on to the girl in the numb video. i know i can 040208
humptydumpty sweet=) 040722
yo mama i hate those posers 050503
IGG I'm surprised there is nothing on here yet but I guess blather is far quieter than it used to be.

I just wanted to take to blather to say a give a huge tribute to the late Chester Bennington. Linkin Park were such a soundtrack for my whole teenage years - I feel like there is a hole in the fabric of my past now. Even though I had passed through those angst-ridden years, I had a great deal of help from Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. The number of years and the hours I spent on here had a constant playlist of the music of Evanescence, Linkin Park, Rammstein,NIN and Marilyn Manson for my angsty times and a whole host of other weird shit for my mercurial teenage moods. I used to listen to 'My December' when posting on here in December and looked forward to the quiet, dulcet croonings of Chester to herald the onset of winter and Christmas.

Although a lot of criticism is being levelled at the fact he took his own life, all I can think is that he had been fighting for years (all the lyrics say it plain) and that maybe he just ran out of hope fighting the quicksand pit of depression. I am so, so sorry that it came to this. As many people have already said on other parts of the internet, thank you for such great music that got us through the darkest days and sorry that we couldn't do the same for you.

I wanted to come onto blather to create an homage as I am just overwhelmed with sadness. Maybe as an adult you should be able to handle things differently but
I had such a desire to see blather overflowing with todayyesterday entries while I typed frantically in the inviting white box as Linkin Park serenaded in the background. But Blather doesn't feel as therapeutic and Linkin Park isn't taking away the pain.

wants to close her eyes and be 17 again.
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