unhinged 'are you ok?'

'yeah. i'm fine.'

no. i'm not ok. and the more people ask me if i'm ok the more i want to become a recluse. if i wanted to talk about it i would. i'm coming up with any excuse lately to answer the question 'are you ok' because i don't even know all of the real answer.
kill rhythm I love the excuses
They just soothe my pain.
"Youíre too pretty for me"
I donít want to hear it ever again.
Iím sorry Iím not popular,
Or thin, or nice, or pretty,
But I am who I am,
I wouldnít change that for money.
Please just accept me,
Donít make me work to please you.
Itís too much to add to what Iím already going through.
I know most have it worse than I do,
And itís really not all that bad.
But still, itís really, really hard,
So please just understand
yummychuckle get off the computer, i like having the phonelines clear whenever you are online (when I'm online? thats a different story). since you are now free, go clean up the house--just to help out, you know you could help out around here, just pick up your mess [i have no mess out here. look around.]. well, you know, i'm busy (drinking beer in the...garage...and smoking) and you could just clean up the house. you know what? I'm not giving you a ride to Eve's on saturday unless you clean the house. you could just help out. [fine, god. I JUST got online after cleaning my room and the bathroom. I think I should be able to rest for a little while. and thats kinda mean, I'm the only one able to hang out with eve on her borthday.] thats not my problem. c'mon, you're on vacation! can't you clean up and helpout a little? [i'm on v a c a t i o n. this is why I try to stay in my room or out of the hosue all the time. absolutely none of this is my mess]

im done. I have to go help out a litt.e

i'm just bitter because I have a house to clean up and a computer to play on and food to eat and a life full of opportunities to live, thats all. Just whining because I have to lift a few fingers.
morphine. ive got so many,
but i dont claim them to be legitimate

there are so many problems.

i know so little.

i cant get away from my wants because its just the way i am.
littel_elf we all have them. excuses, that is. if you're lucky you don't give in to them. but then you'd be inhuman. 030129
Eowithien Everything I say to you, you say its just an excuse. I hate excuses. They're only lies trying to be kind, but its not possible.

And all I can say in return is to desperately try and convince you its a reason.
once again There might not be excuses for everyone, but we've all got our reasons. 050117
Syrope i hope it was worth it 050726
thieums You making excuses?
Don't be so obtuse!
You're gonna blow a fuse
And frighten the walrus!
nr i have less and less patience for people saying they're "bad at" things that they could be good at if they really wanted to be.

"i'm bad at relationships."
"i'm bad at keeping in touch with people."
"i'm bad at not being an asshole."

...perhaps that last one was not said verbatim.

these things are not set in stone. they can be changed. if what you really want is to be in a relationship with someone or keep in touch with people, you can make an effort to be 'good at' these things, or you can work at improving the parts of you that make you bad at them.
Soma Iím too tired.
Iím too slow.
Too big.
Not good enough.
I ate too much for breakfast.
I got a headache.
Itís raining.
My cat is sick.
I canít right now.
Iím not inspired.
Iím allergic to stuff.
Iím fat.
Iím thin.
Itís too hot.
Iím not in the right mood.
Iíve got a headache.
Iím distracted.
Iím pushing myself too much.
Iíd love to really but I canít, I just canít.
My favorite show is on.
Iíve got a case of the Mondays.
The Tuesdays.
The Wednesdays.
It's the weekend.
I donít want to do this; I want to do something else.
After New Years.
Next week.
I might make a mistake.
I got home and I feel bloated.
I got a hot date.
Itís too dark.
Itís too cold.
I didnít get enough sleep.
My tummy hurts.
Itís not in my genes.
I donít want to get sweaty.
I have better things to do.
I donít want to slow you down.
Do I have to do this?
As soon as I get a promotion.
I think Iíll sit this one out.††
what's it to you?
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