jimi hendrix Hurrah, I awake from yesterday
Alive, but the war is here to stay
So my love, Catherina and me,
decide to take our last walk through the noise to the sea
Not to die but to be reborn,
away from lands so battered and torn
Forever, forever
Oh say, can you see it's really such a mess
Every inch of Earth is a fighting nest
Giant pencil and lipstick tube shaped things,
Continue to rain and cause screaming pain
And the arctic stains from silver blue to bloody red
as our feet find the sand,
and the sea is straight ahead, straight up ahead
Well it's too bad that our friends, can't be with us today
Well it's too bad
The machine, that we built,
would never save us', that's what they say
(That's why they ain't coming with us today)
And they also said it's impossible for a man to live and breathe underwater,
forever, was their main complaint
And they also threw this in my face, they said:
Anyway, you know good and well it would be beyond the will of God,
and the grace of the King (grace of the King)
So my darling and I make love in the sand,
to salute the last moment ever on dry land
Our machine, it has done its work, played its part well
Without a scratch on our bodies and we bid it farewell
Starfish and giant foams greet us with a smile
Before our heads go under we take a last look at the killing noise
Of the out of style, the out of style, out of style...
sabbie do you think they were nervous
in 1983?
i mean, the big one,
it was just around the corner...
i think i would have given away
all my possessions
and gone to live on an island
if i had of known.
and if my mum would have let me.
bzzmel the year i was born, i bled i weeped 011207
anti-social butterfly the year i was born into this crazy world. 011207
ever dumbening anti-social butterfly,

if my slide_rule serve me, the whole bacardi_151 incident would never have occurred had you been following the letter of the law. now, if you had been drinking one of _my_ company's products (we offer over 40 brands of rum alone), i wouldn't be as upset. so i feel it is my duty to hand you over to the blather_police to have their way with you (damn, i knew i should've signed up for the force).

oh, yeah, and uh regarding 1983. i was 13 and we moved from st. louis to oakland. it seems i can trace most everything back to that event. so in a way i too was born in 1983.

and to confess my crime, i will say that i was just starting to strap on my own drinking boots that year. but, the blather_police can chupa mi verga--statute of limitations, beeeeyotch.
WingedSerpent a merman i should turn to be 011207
anti-social butterfly ever dumbening, i will have to get back to you later about the bacardi_151 incident, due to the fact that i will not be around a computer for a few days. perhaps you are right. for just two nights ago i had another bacardi_151 incident and got myself in lots of trouble with a boy and now i am reeeeeally embarrassed. what kind of rum does your company make? i do think i need to slow down with drinking. college is so bad for me. argh. anyway, later. 011207
ClairE On TV they showed footage of an earthquake or a storm or some catastrophe in California in February '83 and my father leaned over to my mother and whispered to her that that was when I was conceived.

I heard him.
distilled mouse i was 13. lucky thirteen. endless spins of "thriller". my first orgasm. not connected directly, thank god 011219
paste! i was 85. lots of soup. 011219
angie I Was born!
the world met ME
in 1983!
freakizh the year my parents had sex, so i could be born in the 1984, 020111
ClairE Audio CD and cookies and cream ice_cream arrive on the market. 020114
Arwyn The year I made my grand entrance at 5:46pm on the 10th day of the 8th month. 5lbs 5 oz, 18 1/2 inches long.. simply grand...

damn those conversions were a bitch to do... lol
Paci Yeah, I didn't exist yet. But I will say this: this website is by far the biggest one Ive ever been to. Its almost sickening how large it is, kinda like when you drive into New York city and realize all the people that live there. Yeah. 020228
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