micky jo How is it
all religions
are Sacrilegious?
I read in the bible once
that I cannot be accepted
into the kingdom of heaven
because my father was born a bastard
a bastard and his next ten generations
cannot enter heaven
it's in there
I am not sure which part
look it up if you don't believe me
two questions
1-How is that fair?
2-What's the point of me caring if I am the damned?
K I R L I G B hmm... 040209
minnesota_chris the gospel according to Micky Jo:

And Jesus said therefore "Go unto hell, micky jo, because your parents weren't married. And you, go ye also because thy breath is stinky."
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl 1 - The bible may say that, i haven't checked, but if you repent for your sins and accept jesus into your heart then you will be saved.

2 - You aren't the damned, and about caring, it's your whole afterlife you're talking about, i care about it too.
Spending eternity

in hell is not the life you want.
micky jo Really? I don't want to be in hell? What a novel idea. Wish I had thought of it.

How exactly can I repent for a sin I didn't commit? Please.

Here's what I don't want. I don't want to be a heaven with a God who doesn't think my innocent baby nephew is good enough on a technicality. Don't preach to me, I was pointing out a fact, not trying to find salvation.

oh and by the way...

Deut.23 2] A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.

That's your bible.
minnesota_chris wow no kidding! I had no idea.

Like she said, God's not going to reject you if you believe in God. Jesus came and talked with everybody, that's why he was here.
minnesota_chris oh I see, you weren't actually wanting to learn anything or believe in anything, just to throw mud. Ok, mud is thrown. 040209
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl ok i wasn't trying to preach at you, that offended me.

i know you probably don't want me to keep talking about this, but i didn't say you had to repent for a sin you didnt commit, i sin every day and i have to pray about that, what i meant was i think the bible is seriously fucked up in some respects, and i don't think that all it says is true, because jesus did come down to talk to all of us, like minnesota_chris said.

anyway, i wouldnt be a christian if i didnt try to tell people about jesus, im not trying to ram it down your throat but dont rant at me please, i get upset.
p2 even before you quoted it
i knew it had to be
one of the old testament

the old testament has a lot of
"you are damned if..."
the new testament back pedals
and simply says
if you repent
and accept jesus christ
as the lord and savior
then you will receive an invitation
to that great big party in the sky

i will most likely
end up downstairs
misstree just asking for a moment of clarification, if'n ye please; am i correct in the thinking that jesus basically took all of man's sins into himself, and was, um, absolved by his crucifiction? to all is forgiven through jesus, if you ask it of him? or am i just thinking that he absolved us of the original sin (which i still think was a terribly silly affair in the first place, but i'm the type to go pinging apples off of people's brains as it pleases me).

absolutely not trying to be snide (so rare i have to point it out ;) , i just don't know very well how that whole absolution thing works... does it vary much by denomination, as well?
p2 erm
not using any theological knowledge
but they say
"He died for our sins"
sins being plural
must mean more than just
the original sin

or perhaps a christian might know better than i
minnesota_chris I'm kinda of the opinion that the Adam and Eve story was sorta... legendary. Not literally true, and not completely false. I take it to explain the events, or series of events, when mankind first comprehended God, got knowledge of good and evil, and decided to live their own damn way instead of caring what God thought.

That's our sin, too. And we all sin that way. But if we aspire to godliness, we will be rewarded, through Christ's death.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl p2 you're right.
by dying, he cleared us of all our sins, and it's whether we accept that and believe that he died for us.
that even if you were the last person on earth, he would still die for you, so that you could spend your afterlife in heaven and not hell.
it's hard to accept.
very hard.
misstree so it's not even so much as asking forgiveness, as accepting it? and i see now where the "jesus loves you" pillar comes from... that's quite a sacrifice, in its way... wow. i don't know that i'd ever really managed to wrap my brain this well around the whole son_of_god and martyr and boundless_love things before... thanks to all thee of y'all for the insights... and if i may tangent... what do you think the most important parts of being a christian are, to you? take that question and run with it as you see fit. :) 040211
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i cant get my head around it either, i try but its just incomprehensible.
(is that a word?)
im not an ideal christian, i'm not baptised, im not born again and i havent been to church since i was in primary school, but im just trying to be a christian and probably failing lol.
to me the most important parts of being a christian is trying to show others.
i mean, i havent had any miracles happen to me (yet) but i want to try and show other people what i believe, what they have if they become christians.
wow that sounded WAY too preachy.
yeah, i think that faith and helping other people is one of the most important parts of being a christian.
however, theres all the ten commandments, but i think faith is more important.
*looks around*
ok does someone else want to say what they think? i sound kind of ridiculous just yammering on, more than usual ^_^.
what's it to you?
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