twiggie i decided she needs a page.

probably the closest person i have to me right now, one of my best friends, but the only one who i can tell near *everything* to, and the one who listens to all of it, no matter how much i repeat myself.
a beautiful irish wench who claims whiskey as her teddy bear. i love her MORE, no matter what she says. the one who got me saying neah. the one who wrote pogue mahone on my ass.
the one who had a birthday on 9-9-99. the one i "slept" with on new years last year. the one i never seem to talk to on the phone, but always on icq. the one who gets mad if you don't pronounce "beansid" ban-shee. (i still pronounce it bean-sid.)
the one who sends me sites for dru and spike (neah). the one who went to europe this summer, and brought me back a hat with "england" on it, and a lighter with the british flag, even though she hates england. the one who can put up with my stupid little obsessions (such as with england.) the one who agreed to dress up like a slut with me and sit on santa's lap for pictures, even though that never happened. (it will next year!) the chica who introduced me to polgara. la ragazza that loves the canis lupis. the one who hates to be given advice when she just wants someone to listen. the one who loves .*that*. boy. the one who i got high with for the first time.
so opinionated and articulate and intelligent. (she scored damn good on those PSATS let me tell you).
one of the few people who can keep me sane. .:so lucky to be friends with her:.
Maggie I really don't deserve all this praise. I'm just using her for the sex. 001227
twiggie and the truth comes out.

that hurts you know.

Maggie I wonder if there's a way to delete these things. 010107
silentbob No. much like real life that way, you can't really take back the things you do and say. 010107
twiggie maggie maggie maggie

i wore my ducky socks!
Maggie did your duckies say ROWR?

I'm sure someone could hack it and figure out how to delete things.... 'cept that wouldn't be fun anymore.

I just realized..... somebody other than me and yessi wrote in this... I feel strangely blessed.
silentbob one day.....oh day i will meet yessi

Yessi. i'm probably coming to visit your necka the woods this saturday. excited?
COLDandBLUEkitty BOBBY!!!!!
if you read this! i don't think my mom will let you stay here.. she's BEING a really big bitch this week. although..
i'm gonna talk to emily and see if you can stay there.. otay??
same as for emily.. if you get this.. meow?~
silentbob i'm chill with that, as long as emily doesn't try to beat me up. i mean...
i'd hate to be out like..ten bucks and then get the shit kicked out of me.
twiggie yes my duckies said ROWR.

you're *Stelllllllllaarrrr*

but i decided i'm mad at you because yoshi was brought up like 7 times at my party. and i just remembered that i don't think i got mad enough about it. bitch!

i love you maggie!
twiggie you still can't see my teeth. i'll figure out some way to talk without showing the chiclets. 010108
stupidpunkgirl i'm not going to beat you up bobby
and that's not why meghan is giving me 10 dollars
i'm talking to the parents about this weekend
i'm sure it will be just fine
jessi? want to sleep over?
it will be a odd kind of slumber party
silentbob oh yay! i get to sleep at a girl's house and meet other girls! what fun! what joy! what everlasting gobstoppers 010109
twiggie I just had this strange urge to call you Pol'...
i thought you'd like that.
twiggie i'm making you a present for WIGML! actually that should be "WY..." (when you) but it still works.

oh and you left your sunglasses at my house, i've been wearing them around.
maggie I remember putting them on your elephant. I had fun, thank you for having me over, dearest! 010319
dB Brezhnev took Afghanistan
Begin took Beirut
Galtiari took the Union Jack
And Maggie, over lunch one day
Took a cruiser with all hands
Apparently to make them give it back.
what's it to you?
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