zietz not a cat. 991219
alicia i moved to a new house. and i can't have dogs here. because my landlords are stupid. and i'm sad. 991228
amy one day, i got three random words that were "highway spot how" and i thought about a sad scenario where the family realizes their dog has fallen victim to Mack truck, and they ask each other, HOW? how did we let spot onto the highway. so, i started a blathe on "dog" to that effect, and decided that my story was dumb, and the three_words were not that stunning at any rate, nohow. then, i reloaded up for three_words and the first word was "bark" the other two were not interesting, i do not remember them now. that's the whole story. 000117
old hick I don't like my dog. Its breath smells like a dead skunk's asshole. 000121
fyn gula you are as friendly as the well-loved
dog that even a stranger can pet,
but it is one of the family who gets bit when she betrays your honour.
bud powell dog 010303
carden i have 2 is really shaggy and a lovable lug and the other one is a hyper-active runt. they have cute down pat. 010510
owko ones really shaggy? geez these famous people take on weird disguises to hide from the press.

i used to have a dog many many many many many years ago. it kept eating the kitchen table.
meow i prefer cats. 010522
Mateo If God created us to his image, he created dog to the exact opposite. look: doG 020212
carne de metal dog spells god when you read it drunk and drugged from a mirror. 020212
jessica fletcher my dog passed away last week, and it still hasn't fully hit me. i didn't see her because i knew i couldn't take it. if i had a friend that never ever ever talked and always listened, i would love them almost as much as my dog. 020515
glowin angel dogs r the most smart animals ever

i adore them nd always will
jenny enny dots what happens when you mix a great dane with a chihuahua? 040202
pete i am remembering now
to that email sent so long ago,
long lost by hotmail
as after my summer absense
all was deleted.
those dogs down the page
so happy
i remember the words
though cannot reproduce them
the poodle stands out the most
adn i thank you now
and again
for that email
and the smiles it brought then,
forgetting the
hurt of february
that came later..
that is the year of 2003,
if you remember
which i am sure you do..

thank you
lydia i want a dog so badly, its such a simple thing that has become so complicated. 040502
vituperus A Dog passing over a stream on a plank saw his reflection in the water.

"You ugly brute!" he cried; "how dare you look at me in that insolent way."

He made a grab in the water, and, getting hold of what he supposed was the other dog's lip, lifted out a fine piece of meat which a butcher's boy had dropped into the stream.
silverdancer a dog; one of the eternal companions to man. who accompanies us?
who wants to?
who needs to? we feed them, don't we?
or do they feed us? they feed our need for friendship, the brush of a furry head against a hand banishing loneliness and sadness. it's hard to be depressed when you know you have a dog at home who will be happy just because you came back. it's hard to be bitter when your face is being licked at with a warm tongue and covered in slobber
. i love my dog he loves me he fucks me in the ass 050330
What Saddam Said ... 050330
"dogs" "How can you, as an Iraqi, say the 'invasion of Kuwait' when Kuwait is part of Iraq?"

He said he invaded Kuwait "for the Iraqi people" and referred to Kuwaitis as,
? Compensation_Kuwait_Iraq_United_States 050330
first 842005: South_Korea unveils

dog clone
3 Hours ago
dog Pet owners worried as
flu spreads across United_States
di four legs animal friend
eat meat
Flash I love my dog! 100808
helper snoopy 130226
Risen Last night my mother used the phrase "dog in a manger". She was talking about the woman I love.

I'd never heard of the metaphor before. It took a while to explain it "What belongs in a manger?" "Not a dog. A baby? Wait, am I the manger or the dog? Should she not be in me, I should have a baby in me instead?"

I was confused for a while, then I googled it. Wiki was very elucidating.

"There was a dog lying in a manger who did not eat the grain but who nevertheless prevented the horse from being able to eat anything either."

Turns out I'm the grain.
Iren3_adler Only applies if the grain wants to be eaten, surely. 140424
unhinged i am just as much in love with the dog as i am with him. all three of us have decided thats ok.

we supposedly look cute sleeping together anyways
what's it to you?
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