whirligirl be gone!
i accept what you have to say, okay?
go 'way...
grendel the premonition and the will to power 000716
shiva I'm not the best with them, but i want to put this feeling into words.

When everything goes wrong, and sleep comes to wrap up the pain.

During the night, your mind fools you into thinking you have woken up and everything is perfect again.

But then your roomate makes a noise, and you wake up to reality, without quite realizing what it is. Half awake you stumble to her, and find nothing. And then you realize that everything is gone.

Emptiness unfolds.
ClairE I almost never have them, and my dreams are so fucking Freudian.

Man, I hate those fuckers.

Annie once said that bad_dreams are the best, because you wake up and are so happy that everyone is there.
whoknows the ones about that_fucker 011203
whoknows annie is cool 011203
Annie111 They grip you, and then you wake up and for a split second, you are completely and utterly satisfied with your life, and nothing could make it better, not one minute thing, just as long as that grip never holds you again. 011203
Syrope you'd be paranoid too
i wouldn't be afraid to let someone into my head
but i'd never let them sleep there
thieums Waking up and feeling a loss. Bad dreams are the good ones... 050726
BnB feel terrible when you are asleep, good when you wake up. 100112
n o m i still have nightmares almost every night,
and a lot of bad dreams
hsg make your days harder and your nightmares will subside.

In_Bloom I try to make my waking hours a celebration and challenge to what may come 100113
In_Bloom I tell myself they aren't true, that if awake then they wouldn't happen but they have and the mental exercises I go through aren't erasing my fears. I weigh whether or not to just accept the insomnia or keep knocking out in order to reach the next day and suddenly find the feeling I know and want to have again. Years go by, years running out, time wasting and me along with it. 100510
jane mostly mid- or post- apocalyptic
one time holocaust
most of the time i'm myself
usually running from somebody, being chased, followed
usually by military forces
or captured

last night it was a tunnel
too small for human form
couldn't see the end of it
maybe a foot wide and 8" tall
didn't know where i was going
but someone was behind me
no time to flip_out
and a guy following me
even though i yelled
to stop
hsg i've_read

the most effective way to deal with this is to turn to said_follower chaser, etc, and ask him, what_do_you_want?

I prefer laughing_away_demons but usually I don't have the presence_of_mind to do so.

my_dreams have taught me so much. Most of them were nightmares but not_exactly I've died countless times in dreams just to awake(i)n _ t o another. tunnels_in_every_direction i_am grateful for the lessons I'm learning... they scared the shit out of me yet taught that I'm neither as fragile as I thought nor free of responsibility for the choices I make.

I think we can learn as we go. Even not knowing which way is up, there is a tendency to grow_awake. Thus there's_hope
jane it would be nice if i was lucid_dream ing to turn and ask questions, but my experiences with that have been quite frightening themselves.

any time i have become lucid, i don't have the control that i expected from that lucidity - instead, it's more like, oh, i'm dreaming, let's see what happens. and often times things don't go very well and i'll try to wake up, but i'll have false_awakenings and then believe that i am trapped in dreams and i am dead and will never be able to wake up.

it's a double-edged fear sword.
hsg Been there many_times, my blather_friend.

you_are_okay though, right_now dream or not.
minnesota_chris the other day, I saw before me, a woman typing on a touchscreen pad, and for a stylus, she was using my severed penis.

get out of my head, freud.
jio jio 101125
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