unhinged i will admit it---i hate bach because i can't play him. his unaccompanied works for the violin are beautiful but they are HARD. joshua bell said those were the works he wanted to record most but probably never would because he didn't think he could live up to the tradition. 010315
Aimee hon, have you ever tried his Partita No. 2 allemande... it's not too hard... nice and slow... and really beautiful. I played it for my auditions this fall. You'd be surprised how easy it looks, but the beauty is found in the phrasing. It's really just a hymn/chorale for violin. I think you'd love it. Check out Hilary Hahn's recording of it. Let me know if you'd like to try it. 010315
jem right now im learning Sonaten (Sonata) I, the first 3 movements for a competition. i play the flute. its really nice, but i agree pretty hard.. especially when it goes all vivace on me .grumble grumble.
but bach is fun to play and develop. basically once you can play bach you can play almost anything. or so the theory goes.
unhinged i think i might have played that if you are speaking of the partita in d minor. i've been working on the partita in b minor all year and it's probably the hardest one. i've played all of the first and third partitas and most of the second and little tidbits of all of the sonatas. i think my technique is finally getting good enough that with a little practice bach becomes easy. finally.... 010317
unhinged yeah...i kinda contradicted my earlier post but i get like that when i'm discouraged. today is a good bach day. 010317
Sol mmmmm, four part harmonising in the style of, yumyumyum. is surprisingly fun. thankyou exam board you have created something i enjoy! 010418
unhinged on 4/20 the most infamous day of my little life, i am performing the allemanda from the first partita for all my peers. i already have that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. 010418
unhinged that performance went well. i remember natalie yelling at me; "you guys always yell at me for saying that i don't think i played well; you played well; stop saying that you didn't."

i wasn't happy but my professor was really proud. i guess it's true that we are all our own worst critics.
unhinged once again i'm playing the b minor for my jury. blah. the sarabande and double. i think i play them pretty well, but i've only been working on them for two weeks and i have to perform them tomorrow. four part writing for one instrument is a bitch and a half. and shiring...damn shiring...he must play with a flat bridge or something. i've never heard something more beautiful. on one hand i was stoned, but on the other hand i've never heard bach like that. i had about five music orgasms that night. aaaahhhh...and she was sitting right next to me. sometimes i just want to sleep in the same bed with her she's so damn beautiful. my little bach_goddess 011209
nah....! bach is fantastic.
i'm also a big fan of
and many more.
classical music is quite lovely indeed.
the repeater Lucy the prophet

Strains of sounds in all our backgrounds form a subtle silver net on the globe
STRINGS of pearls
have infinite whorls
that just suffer their silence's noise
Saying: it is forbidden (violins play)
I'm not getting away this time
we're not in trouble ( a cello murmuring words)
till you swallow that tired line:
there are no limits on the red tide
the soaring strength of strings
till you enter the web of lies
and seek for a sword that swings! 010622
andru235 bach_overtures (suites) 051019
epitome of incomprehensibility Beautiful little patterns... I like to sing Bach music with all those weird trills and stuff... la la la.
A girl in my class last year could play the Goldberg Variations quite awsomely; epitome can play piano too but it just ain't the same.
The dotted rythms, the repetitions are inherently joyful... of course there's lots of heavy stuff too... it's amazing.
Here's to my favorite baroque composer (snobby technical people like to distinguish between baroque, classical & romantic)
e_o_i And I meant "awesomely" I just can't spell 051216
unhinged too much tonality to be purely baroque
too much old school counterpoint to be purely classical

amazing foresight mixed with a masterful technique of the existant

but i'm still not sure why historians use him to define the line between the baroque and the classical.

bach didn't fuck around, not a day in his life. he did what he wanted yo.
wanderer so often i find life meaningless. strange, the facility with which bach's organ works counteract this 110126
unhinged and now i teach bach.

just this past monday i explained a new approach to one of my most receptive students. we shall see if it worked. and i told her the story of how i hated bach when i was younger because it was too hard for me. she is my mother's age, maybe a little older. she smiled.

looks like we will always have a love_hate thing going on, me and johann sebastian.
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