CheapVodka abracadabra

it'z magic!
sotto voce a word magicians use before something miraculous is supposed to happen. you say that abracadabra is gibberish. sure, maybe in the days of houdini, it succeeded to amaze audiences--the word stirring visions of chanting brown bodies and a shaman around a bonfire, or slanty-eyed arabs with bejeweled and befeathered turbans charming snakes and tigers... obviously, you are no such fools as they. well, call me a fool, but perception is reality, as some say, and i'll buy that. i like magic shows. 020313
lycanthrope when did the word start being mouthed...how long ago...with a big bang it signaled the appearance of everything? in a sparse word how could this bunny fit. some smoke and cheap explosive matter which were sitting around unused for a long time by most, but then a magician comes along and...bam...in one word, in one big bang, you're gonna tell me all of this that i see now...my cat sitting just so this way and not that way, because the sun is reaching us just so this way and not that way was planned in one word? and you're gonna tell me it's not magic? sure not to someone who can see behind the curtains...but i certainly can't...i'm in awe...the night is definetly large after a magic show...all the tools for magic are always there...all you've gotta do is mix cause and effect and a little smoke and wires and you've got it. Houdini was amazing for what he couldn't do as much as what he could. And is the word still trailing on? where are we on the matrix of one spoken abracadabra? are we near the end? where the word tucks itself into itself...as amazing a trick as any...where the last a is spoken, such a long and winding word, you lose track of where each sylablle came from...perfect space for a sleight of hand...is that it? is that the last a i hear...a word signifying suddenly the amazing disappearace of itself? 020314
midnight toker steve miller 1982 020314
Daria I wanna reach out and grab ya, 020314
lycanthrope also from one of my favorite episodes of looney tunes where bugs is in the transylvanian mansion and he keeps changing the vampire into a bat with abracadabra and hocus pocus. When the vampire shows him to his room, closes the door, and then instantaneously opens it to ask, "asleep yet?" that was and will ever remain classic comedy. 020317
phil Latin, cleaning a corpse. 030425
angelina how cool would it be
i want to a mage in real life!
i am not kidding!

MaGiC PoWeRs!

like right now,
i could cast myself to sleep
'stead of being all insomnideliria -

and tomorrow, before i go out
i'd throw on a magic shield,
give myself some giant strength,
maybe even - turn my skin to stone

ooh, i'd make sure
that i could detect
all evil-type characters

without magic
seeing the good in people
to a fault:
is this such a -bad- fault?

well, at any rate,
i would definately
make my tennis shoes glow

with a simple
flick of the wrist
i'd cast 'sanctuary'
over the whole planet

and if that made
everything o.k.
for everyone -
i'd smile. big.

then i'd summon that boy i lost

he's real far away

i don't know if i could cure him tho

... is there a healer in the house?

at least i have music
that is my magic power
i smile.

"Can't get next to You"
by The Temptations
ferret what some people say when they want their problems to go away

spec. Mickey_Mouse
editing angelina i want to a mage.

nice one, me.
Ally_McBeelzebub I seem to remember that it's from the hebrew I will create (bera) as I speak (dabar)
Meaning my will will take form.
. . 050604
Steve_Miller_Bland I wana reach out and grabya 051015
toker_joker oops I got there late again 051015
IGG abracadabra

has magickal significance (so i hear)
as it has 5 a's in it.

If you put the letter A round in a circle 5 times, it creates (the points of) a pentacle.
it can also be used in various spells to call up things.
no reason i like
dafremen The word precedes the manifestation... 051017
gallagher I used to spend a lot of time thinking about this word. I've always had some odd fascination with magic, the smoke and mirrors, I seem to find it wherever I go, or vice versa. Hazelnut latte. Yum. What do people think about all that? I wonder. I do wonder. I do wonder I do wonder. I will not smoke, I will not smoke, I will not smoke, I will not smoke, I will not smoke, I will not smoke. Fuck Jesse, damn, fuck that fuck that that that that that that. Fuck that. I wish these other people were not here right now, Norma and Peter. Nothing against either of them although Peter does seem to cough a fair amount. I just rather they were neither of them here. THat would be much better. Much better. fuck that fuck that fuck that. Its gonna be a long day. I wonder if Erin and Christopher heard us. I need to figure out how I feel. Do I glow today, I doubt it, highly. Ah say.The end. 051018
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