swarm alone 010629
mmm i'm not something? damn those 1st grade teachers for telling me otherwise! 010629
Casey Screw you mother for saying that 010630
spork66 speaking on behalf of kx21

First key to recognizing The_ultimate_secret_of_the_universe :

Ultimate Secret in U.


Your place in U.

Lower than STAR(S)
but higher that SHIT(S)

You are SOMETHING, but yet you are NOTHING?

(good impression?)
bloody potato chip uncanny, even nothing_is_everything 010630
black-dyed gel product and I am everything
~~~amused by his own wit~~~
firehunden oxymoronic jibberish....

the fact that the word "you" is used in the sentence structure implies the presence of itself, and therefore "you" has substance, this negates the nothing that the sentence refers to in the first place.

unless.....the sentence is symbolic in meaning, in which case, nevermind.
kuru If you are
...Someone who doesn't make demands,
...Reasonably attractive,
...Evidently fuckable,
...At best just a struggling human,
Then there are times you will feel you are nothing. Do your best not to let people make you feel this way.
princess shut up Dad!!! 020612
Syrope i can't be with someone whose eyes scream this at me everytime they look at me. i know i'm nothing, but it's my job to not think about it too often 020612
Mahayana to those that dont matter
and to those that do matter

but what about if those that should matter consider you nothing, can we consider them as not mattering or should we rather view them as someone who should matter, yet we wont let their negative views matter

matter matter
what is the matter
why can everyone not matter to me

everyone does matter to me
but is that the way to go
white_light You are nothing and everything to me.
You are who and no one at all to sombody.
You embody the irrelevant and meaningful to everyone.. they just don't know it yet.
You are life and emptiness to the universe.. you just haven't realised it yet.
squint we are all a collective nothing, and in that we are everything. Everything in the universe depends upon your singular action for things to run smoothly, your very existence could cause an earthquake in California ten years from now. There are select movements you can make in this world that trigger other movements which trigger other movements and so on, until you are the cause of a death or maybe the cause of a birth. our life is a set of chain reactions ...leading up to what? we are continous and complete in that we keep moving forward and we go on in a line, a loop, maybe not even that...maybe life and death and reality are not lines as we imagine them, but an overlapping mess of infinite possibility. there is no matter, we are peiced together by bits and bits of nothing, and we are full of emptiness. you are nothing, i am nothing, WE are whole. 020725
xxx mother 020725
phil toay 020729
factory reject get the idea out of your head that you migt even BECOME something.
it won't happen.
You are doomed to be an invisible puzzle piece.
rage i realise this you idiot, i'm just too good at these games
you think you mean something to me? you're wrong. you could, easily, but its harder than that to be able to hurt me
fuck ya, if you didn't know too much about me, i would be long gone, kicking dirt in your face. but as it is, i'll slowly filter out, but try keep your respect so you dont go doing what it is you do best; destroying people.
i may be nothing to you, but i am strong enough to resist the urge to fall to your level and cut your legs from under you
although it would be fantastic to see you vulnerable, once you're defenses have all been knocked down.
if i am nothing then why do you try so hard to bring out this anger in me
you know it works
well fuck ya, im leaving this all behind, and maybe when you realise i was the one strong enough to hold it together, you'll have nothing left to do but turn and destroy yourself from the inside.
i can only hope im there to experience it, so when you've got no one left to turn to i'll be there, waiting to help you get back up.
you think i'm nothing, you're wrong. i am a good person at my core, and thats more than can be said for you. because the truth is, you're nothing at heart, and all this shit is just to distract you from that. but the day you realise it, you'll wish you'd taken me openly and not put me behind this wall of bullshit.
i know one day i will be happy, and you won't. just know i'd help you if you wanted it.
IGG fuck this
i am everything to me.
YOU are nothing to ME.

fuck you world, fuck you.
falling_alone we are nowhere and it is now 051013
andru235 it's a fleeting comfort to think this. like it or not, you are something. 051113
what's it to you?
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