deb splatter

what a way to go
birdmad acidic, somewhat.

i will not shed another for fear it will carve an angry caustic trial down my face.

though as you might recall, when others made you shed them, i was quick to carry them away from your soft face
aeiou have you ever sat and felt the teardrops stream down your face? at first the burn is unbearable and then as they sink down your cheek the warmth is gone. they beg to be wiped away. dont let them fall and sink into your skin. 000523
silentbob the squish and squash of water from my eyes hitting your face as i have to tell you once again..."goodbye" 000601
sapphire_ singular.

blessed and cursed. a mere part of a torrent of emotion

a salty slow journey down your face.. and on mine when you are not looking

teach me how to kiss the rain... for it holds a freedom my tears do not
Casey I only shed them in the privacy of my own room. Why should I let others worry about my problems? 010421
eleeno O mama, the teardrop fell down the cheek yo. are you a gigglo? my ho yo! 010929
distorted tendencies Teardrop on the window pane. 010929
Erin sphere shaped , unexplainable, cools your burning red cheeks, the only way you comfort yourself when nobody else wants to..... 011022
Sonya An everlasting teardrop wells up in my eye and falls over and over again as I see everything crumbling before me. 011022
unhinged one single sticky
would not fall down the crag
of my cheek
holding up the dam
screwing up the fucking rotation
i didn't want to have to bring
my hand to my face
it's better to let clothes
absorb the salt
keeps the salinity of the oceans
down to a biologically healthy level
that way the carbon dioxide system
doesn't get all fucked up
one human affecting the whole
fucking weather system
i'm sure my tear could only contain
one part per thousand
of the only thing that keeps
the earth together
sammy come when i want them to
sometimes when i dont
once they come there's no stoppin
salty water keeps on droppin
dripping, slipping
from leaky
pores in the corners of our eyes
lost tears contain opietes so if you drank enough of them you could overdose on them. 020221
erin the tears u bring me sting my eyes n fall fast down my face..u've done this b4, i'm getting used to the taste..i dont know why i let u make me cry, but something inside says for u i would die 020226
me what if rain was made of teardrops shed by everyone the day or night before? i don't want to see your teardrops, i don't want to see the rain... 030711
Saphfire I say let it fall just don't let it get away! 030714
queen of darkness i've cried for so long i can't cry anymore...
i wish i could believe that
but these tears cannot stay imprisoned in my eyes forever
and so i will no longer be ashamed to cry

watch my tears falling like silent waterfalls
Death of a Rose take some advice people...light the queen said...never be ashamed to cry, its another integral part of being.

(hands out bottles of water to passerby, "you're going to need this, trust me")
puredream stain. 040623
foryou in my dreams
my tears
can heal your wounds
anybody that would be nice. 040623
dandy fibreglass body of aerodynamic lust thrusts you back against your headrest as your mind blows and your balls close back up into your public bone where its safe as the teardrop body goes into 5th gear and leaves the state at an illegal autobahn rate 041030

Xeneth Sparda

That last one was so many things and one of those things was funny.

And to anyone ashamed to cry: See the 2nd blathe on memory_of_love
Faith streams trickling from my eyes, i never was afraid to cry, just afraid that you would see; the weak and vilnerable side of me.. 050322
birdmad massive_attack 050322
flowerock Love love is a verb... love is a doing word... 141103
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