Philifledermaus Smurfs are small, blue, badly dubbed Spanish creatures.

Fraggles kick their arses anyday.
klarchen Damn, rights.
FrAgGleS RoCk!
Red, Rocks.

And those little builder people rock too.
birdmad has spoken nyeah Doozers, i believe. 000705
klarchen Duh, I knew that.

I'm Kanadian and Fraggles are from Kanada silly.

They have to be.
Barrett Smurfette is hot! 000922
smurfette hello big boy! would you like to see my little blue cunt? 001205
smurfette i'm not talking about brainy, either. 001205
Homer j. mmmmmmmmm, blueberry pie 001205
Thyartshallshant I dunno about the rest of you, but the thought of a tight little blue smurfy cunt..Mmmmmm, o yeah. Sweeeeeeeeeet!! 001226
twiggie i hate smurfs. i have a smurf killers t-shirt with guys murding them and cutting them into little pieces. damn smurfs. 001226
Dafremen Smurfs are underrated. If you knew what they were REALLY like, you'd probably think they were just fine. It's the camera that turns them into those sickeningly sweet little blue dipwads.

When the cameras are turned off, the Smurfs are as real as any of us and they DON'T say "Smurf this" and "Smurf that". They use the word fuck instead.
You would too if there was only one girl in your village and she was a little blue dicktease.
dB Wise Poppa Smurf. Corrupted by his own power. WILL NO LEADER GO UNTAINTED?!! 010219
nanny This is a wonderful word, can be used to substitute any word that is not appropriate to say around children.

As in....

"Smurf you" or
"That's just smurfin great"

ok, so it usually only substitues the "F-word" lol. but it's still the same.
mister mourning i nearly smurfed in my pants

suck my smurf (ooo the mental picture)

that no-good son-of-a-smurf

smurf it all to hell
god smurf you up the ass with a fuckin' smurfberry 020405
Smurfie Gurlie When i was younger, My brother caught the kitchen on fire with a stuffed blue smurf thingie. Death by smurf. 020830
crimson god, I saw that video.
"Papa Smurf can I lick yo' ass?"
I WAS SCARRED. It was so horrifying I laughed.
smurfus rex o.O 031005
icy a few years ago, i was introduced to a smurf porn text. it went into excruciating detail about the once-a-year orgy with all the smurfs and smurfette...
i have never looked at smurfs the same since. and i used to like them.
fonz Los Pitufos!

Smurf 1: Yo, you have a good time last night?
Smurf 2: Smurftacular!
Smurf 1: Yeah I saw you leave with Smurfette.
Smurf 2: Oh man, as soon as we got out of the bar, she started smurfing me.
Smurf 1: Shut the smurf up!
Smurf 2: Yeah!
Smurf 1: Right in the smurfin' parking lot?
Smurf 2: Smurf yeah!
Smurf 1: Oh that is freakin' smurf.
Smurf 2: You smurf it.
Smurf 1: That is freakin' smurf
Smurf 2: Yeah...
u24 rock on, fonz! 031220
never_is_always What color does a smurf turn when you choke it? 040222
white_wave So, you've got a web business that nobody notices. Think your advertising needs some word power to sell itself? Well, try the smurf dialectizer on your site and watch customers flock to it!
I tried it blather is smurfily words. Smurfy, isn't it? bunches of words, strewn about in a twisty tangly web of pontification, insight and nonsensical delight.
but really it's an experiment to see what shape this will take when left at your mercy. Smurfilicious! take a gander and let us know what you think.

see recent additions, who blathes. Smurfilicious!
declared from_the_kentucky_nightmare_dvd coattails

Smurfily 1998 smurfily new dream network. Smurfy, isn't it? 39719 words
looking for the source code?
Strideo smurfify!
no reason papa smurf/jesus? 040420
Smurf Cool. 040421
dosquatch smurf cool... OK, I guess that explains why they're blue. 040421
Smurf No no, we're blue for different reasons, it's complicated though so I won't go into detail. Suffice to say it involved an april fools joke and some cool-aide gone horribly wrong. 040423
p2 continued from: socialized_medicine

i need to waste more blather space
quoting your stupidity in its entirety?
you don't remember what you wrote?
i especially liked the bit
about the statue of liberty
under "american"
need i remind you of that one too?

i also wait with baited breath
for your evidence of nuclear warfare
between iraq & iran
it's possible that you're right
but research & logic seem to indicate otherwise
it would have been major news
and would definitely have been a point brought up by dubya
when he was trying to generate support for the war

china isn't true communism?
it seemed true enough
when you wanted to point out its space program

there are many different flavors of communism
council communism
de leonism
left communism
but either you don't realize the difference
or it's just easier for you
to equate one type with the entire category
so you can make that blanket statement
about communism having never been tried

what you probably mean
is that true *marxism* hasn't been tried yet
this is true
and will remain so
because for "true marxism"
you would need an international uprising
which will never happen
so "true marxism" has already failed at step 1

btw i did bring up the point
that china's improvement
is directly related to it's movements towards capitalism
but your selective reading seems to have glazed over that
along with my question about your nationality
and canada being an actual current day
implementation of a socialized healthcare system
and the posts relating to the failings of socialized medicine
in other countries besides canada
it's not that i have no more points to bring up
it's that i'm tired of having them ignored

but i suppose you'll ignore all this
claiming there's nothing for you to address
how convenient for you
what's it to you?
who go