*Ziima* Ass-kimo
The snow falls
And my mood mends
Who can tell
If i'm still alive
The cold enthrones
My every thought
I am the queen of winter
King, you are not...

Hey, the mug is still
in the mic'wave
my tea is still hot
who dumped in cinnamon?
just add water and I'll be fine...

Oh how the incense burns
Fills the house with warmth
You cant survive my heat
You cant be winter like you thought
Maybe you're an ass-kimo...
(C)Copyrighted. 2001 K. M. Tedeschi
:) ass-kimo is right!! I've got a few other names for him too! 010225
zevtevhev is a word that always stumps me, because for some reason it has middle-eastern connotations for me, it's like someone says, "hi, im an eskimo" and i start smelling incense and seeing turbans and camels or something, i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please just ignore me 081028
dafremen I read once that "Eskimo" means "stupid people who eat raw meat" in Swedish. The correct term is Inuit. Wonder how long we passed THAT particular insult along.

It made me think about how long we've been playing this game of trying to push each other down in order to lift ourselves up.

It's maybe what our very distant ancestors did while sitting in their trees, picking their fleas, fighting over which branch has the best breeze, the most ease, a view to see, security and more dignity (ie...where others can't po0p on your head..or pee.)

Made me think about all of the deceptive little ways that the monkeys on the top may have made the very tip top of the tree seem like the best spot in the world. A spot that every other monkey should want.

I bet they played the same stupid game that Tom Sawyer played on those kids when he tricked them into painting the fence for him..making a shitty position seem like an awesome one.

Like being bored and obsessed with holding onto a fortune is a great thing. Like being addicted to an easy life isn't slavery. As though maintaining the ability to keep your boredom on the cutting edge of boredom by doing all of the newest things before everyone else does was an important contribution to society.

But when you look at this silly name-calling, moneygrubbing, backstabbing game society plays as though it were a tree full of monkeys, you realize that the spot at the top of the tree is the stupidest place in the world.

There's only one type of food up there unless the other monkeys bring it, there's no freedom unless you care to climb down or jump off, there's not room for much company and so things must get boring quickly. And you never know which monkey is pretending to be good company so they can push you off of your good branch. (Mostly because the monkeys stuck in the top branches made those boring ass branches seem so awesome to the other monkeys, you see.)

I bet after awhile, the bored monkeys at the top of the tree start acting like being bored shitless is an awesome thing to be.

They're too afraid of losing their "VIP branch" so they won't move from where they are and instead entice the other monkeys to come up and alleviate their depressingly stupid, self-inflicted condition.

I bet they threaten the other monkeys with poo to make it happen, (when a chance to pick "elite monkey" lice on the top branch doesn't convince anyone.)

Maybe that's why a Scandinavian asshole called some people he didn't understand and never met "stupid people who eat raw meat": to try to make himself feel like he lived on a higher branch than someone who didn't grow up the way he did.

Meanwhile, down on the ground, some apes have begun walking upright instead of swinging from branches and found that there's much more to life than that stupid tree.

Met an Inuit down here once. Nice guy. Badass snowmobile.
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