daanuh he was the first person ive ever known to actually be killed. sure grandma "died", but Cody was "killed." I think he was the first person for all of my friends. So young too. A week and a day after his 14th birthday. I gave him a Johnny comic. For Christmas he gave me a red bell and i didnt know why, but it was cute any way. I keep it in a box on my dresser. He is truly missed. 001221
silentbob How did your cody die?

I know a cody who is a really weird guy. he is not well liked by others at my school, including himself. but hes a hopeless_romantic just like me, and for that reason i think he deserves at least one chance. one.
daanuh He was riding his BMX at night with weak light. There was no way he could have seen the dune buggy comming from the other direction. It just hit him straight on. He died on impact. To make things worse, his best friend was with him at the time and saw the whole thing. Poor Charlie. (No willy_wonka pun intended)
The next day at school it looked like a rumor that got out of hand. I thought they were kidding. No one expeceted it to have been Cody. He was an angel. Always the innocent one. I didnt particularly like the person who told me first so I blew him off. I thought he was kidding. But it all hit me at once when everybody cried all day.
It was the roughest week ive ever experienced because people take death so differently. So not only was I upset about Cody, there were the ones that said they wanted to join them and were trying to kill themselves, the few that still thought he was there and were acting like everything was OK when it wasnt at all, and the ones that said "fuck him. i never like him anyway." (I took it upon myself to single handedly kick all of their asses. i hate to resort to violence, but it was for a good cause.)
And what did I do? Besides resort to violence. I was the mediator. I tried to keep everyone else cool. Tell them everything was fine when i was torn up inside and knew it wasnt fine. It was too difficult for a 13 year old. One day I snapped. I dont remember much until i woke up at home later that nigh and my best friend sitting on my bed. She told me that the office at school sent me home because i started screaming or something. i still dont know what i did. but it just again goes to show how unstable i am.
startfires im sorry. i know a cody and he is an angel too. but he's not dead. he's 16 and he's got to be one of the best drummers i have ever seen. he will be rich and famous one day. 001222
silentbob a completely different cody than the one i was talking about earlier, one who is cool, is taking me to this coffee house thing and im hopefully going to hook up with some hot girls. plural.

(this might be sattire)
quinn my secret
who comes in the night
and steals into my basement
so we can do things that i can never speak about
the one who makes me smile
but brings me pain
lenore one of my exboyfriends is a cody. he and i are still friends. sometimes. hes a lot like me. 031201
lenore another cody i know is paytons sister. shes actually pretty cool, for a preteen. he complains that she beats him up. 031227
specialk my best friend of 5 years has this little brother, who i always embarassed in front of his friends (like the way little kids pick on each other when they like each other), well we were just hanging out at the movies one night and he kissed me... it was amazing! i have never been so in-sync with someone in my entire life... he gave me my nickname...SpecialK because his sister's name is Cristy and mine is Kristy so he said that i'm specailk because i'm so special to him and my name starts with a k! he is the sweetest person i think i will ever know... i love him with all of my heart and i hope that everything continues to be as magical as the first time we kissed and the first time we really looked each other in the eye... i'm sorry for your loss... i...i have never been in a situation where someone i know died... i think that i would flip out, i think i would start throwing things and i would just have so much pain in my heart i don't think i would be able to handle it... i think that i would even "end it" if you know what i mean... i think it would just be too muc pain for me to handle

i hope ALL of you stay healthy and safe... and i hope you ALL never have to go through so much pain as to having a loved one die, and i KNOW you will ALL find that one person that makes life worth living(if you haven't already)
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