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Hermosa Beach, CA has to be regarded as one of the crucial epicenters in the history of the California hardcore scene. BlackFlag, the_Circle_Jerks, Descendents and Pennywise all sprang from this tiny coastal suburb of Los Angeles. 98 MUTE represents a very bright next generation in the impressive pedigree of South Bay Bands. Growing up listening to these seminal punk bands, 98 MUTE members Pat Ivie (vocals), Jason Page (guitar), Doug Weems (bass) and Justin Thirsk (drums) gravitated to punk rock via osmosis. “We grew up with this music all of our lives,” says drummer Justin Thirsk. “We’re really proud of that heritage and it’s amazing to think of our band in relation to all that.”

After the bands formation, 98 Mute wasted little time in recording and released their first self-titled album on South Bay based Theologian Records. It didn’t take long for the band to get noticed and appreciation from their peers earning themselves the opening slot on the 97and 98’ Vans Warped Tour in addition to opening up for Blink182, Pennywise, 7Seconds, H20 and GBH. In 1998 the band recorded their debut follow-up Class Of 98, at the now infamous Stall 2 studio in Redondo Beach. Class Of 98, helped to drive home the point that 98 Mute was a hardcore band worthy of their illustrious pedigree. With the help of an appearance on the soundtrack to the Taylor Steele surf film The Show, the Mute began to move their reputation as one of punk rocks most fearsome hardcore band to an ever-widening audience. It was at this point that the band inked a deal with Epitaph records and began work on their next release Slow Motion Riot. .

For the recording of their first release on Epitaph, 98 Mute once again enlisted the help of longtime friend and Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge to produce the album. The 15 tracks, which comprise the album, once again reflect the heart on their sleeve attitude and self-examining honesty that has made their albums the soundtrack for the lives of their fans. “It’s important to have something to say,” says guitarist Jason Paige. “The whole point is to write a song that goes beyond the usual rock nroll clichés. For us, it’s essential to write about subjects that make us think and convey a message that will hopefully give someone who listens to the album something to think about as well.” The issues on the table are perhaps best represented in the albums title track, ‘Slow Motion Riot’, which urges a pause to the frantic rate in which society lerches forward towards its promised brighter future thru technology, a theme which is repeated inSimpler Daysas well. Sonically, the band once again shows their penchant for the charging upbeat melodies that they established on their first two albums while incorporating a greater sense of dynamics and ability in the studio.

As 98 Mute continues to chronicle the trials and pitfalls of life in a distinctly Southern California setting they begin to earn their place amongst a pantheon of great bands.
silentbob Wrong

So you say you hate that band 'cause they sold out. And you sold back all your records is that what it's all about. Now listen up you fuckin' punk the songs are still the same. 'Cause others learn to like them doesn't make them fuckin' lame. You're wrong. You're so wrong. You're fuckin wrong... Now run the fuck along. Shame on all those bands, yeah the ones who play for cash. The ones that count their money as they sit back and they laugh. Now don't you get too angry with all those KROQ fans. With no time they'll bore and be searching for new bands. You sold out.. They sold out. We'd sell out, there's no fuckin' doubt. So you got it figured out and you know it all. Some of those bands were punk back when you were still hanging at the mall. It's called respect and you don't have it and probably never will. I know 'cause I was once like you just fighting against my will.
silentbob Great Expectations
When I look up at these hollowed walls of high achievement and storied victories I can hear irony laughingcause you see pride where I see vanity Impressing all of your friends has never been one of my intentions My heart is set of different goals I won’t be a trophy for anyone So sorry if I haven’t quite lived up to your great expectations You know if I could I’d walk on water for you but I have limitations Tell me when your ego gets hungry do you shake the smaller fruit off the family tree And when you go to sleep do you forget to count the black sheep Sometimes what’s simple math to most doesn’t add up when you get behind closed doors A photo may speak a thousand words but do you really get the picture I just want a life to call my own is that too much to ask for The fact is I’ve committed no crime here and I apologize for nothing So open up your eyes and try to realize That we don’t share the same worldview I don’t mean to disrespect but don’t you ever forget That I can’t live my life for you
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