boo I'm a wall flower, always have been, always will be. 010315
i could have died,
maybe i should have died.
when i saw you walk inside.
and as you shut the door
i put my eyes back on the floor.
when all i really wanted was to look some more.

does a wallflower play,
or does a wallflower stay on his wall?

you see i live alone,
but i've made my happy home.
all my furniture is centered around my phone.
i'm waiting for a call,
my imaginary friends and all.
those who would never let me be taken by the fall.
does a wallflower know,
when it's time he outgrow his wall?
tell me does a wallflower know
when it's about time he outgrow his wall...

time and time and only time has feeling for me.
maybe father time will feel sorry for me.
i knew when there was time, when i knew it all.
why don't i ever leave my wall?
why don't i ever leave my wall?
why don't i ever leave my wall?
...i don't ever leave my wall.

you know that siren's getting louder,
and these people are starting to crowd in on me.
(all i smell and taste is garlic and gunpowder)
'cause i shot the bad guy dead -
but he got me in the head.
with the girl of my dreams
she's mentioning to me how much I've bled.

where does a wallflower go,
when their flowers get pulled from this wall?
oh and though she says I'm brave and bold,
she knows a flower cannot hold up a wall.
i can't hold up this wall any longer...
any longer
'cause all I have is time and time
and time
please some more time.
i think i'm over...
twiggie the perks of being a wallflower, is a wonderful book. it reminds me of the_catcher_in_the_rye in some ways. emily introduced it to me and then i introduced it to several of my friends.
if you haven't read it, you should.
unhinged it's easy for me to be a wallflower because i blend in, am unnoticeable. i don't really mean that in a deragatory sense. people just don't notice me. unless i'm running my big mouth. then how could you not notice me? i'm just not the knock-out kinda girl that gets all the drinks in the bars if you know what i'm saying. maybe that makes relationships more precious. even though it shouldn't...damn media. 010315
alkalinepixie the perks of being a wallflower is one of the best books ive read in my short life.
sometimes i cant help but feel it.
wallflower I had never gone to a school dance. I just knew I wouldn't fit in there. Finally I went to my first dance. Tenth grade homecoming. The hair, the makeup, the pictures - "This might not be so bad after all!" I thought joyously to myself. But the last dance...a slow dance. I watched as the random puzzle of single dancers disappeared, being replaced by couples in each others' arms. I weaved my way to exit and hid in the bathroom.

I haven't gone back to a dance yet.

Just another adventure in the life of a wallflower.
Casey It gives me time to look at the world from all perspectives. I also get a change to know what is going on in the world, and know both sides of the issue.Even though I'm never involved 010730
stupidpunkgirl wallflower by dynamite boy...it's a good song..it's on their first cd.

i'm glad you like the book jessi...it's one of my favorites.
DannyH synchronicity rules.

Welcome and hello.
notalice I wish I could be charlie. From the Perks of being a Wallflower. Or meet him. And marry him. And run off into the sunset. Forever. I donno. Its ridiculous to be so in love with a character. Him and Holden and Willian Miller - there are more. Its not healthy... 020812
Lilac If I had to pick one word to describe me this would be the one. 030110
girl_jane At least I'm still a flower. 030111
G wishing i could say the things that i want to say
but not knowing how to say it
or if i should say it at all
anj wishing i could say the things that i want to say
but not knowing how to say it
or if i should say it at all
akenbosche or more importantly, who would give a damn 030217
niska exactly 030330
emily whats a wallfloer? is it someone uncomfortable to open up in front of others? is it someone unnoticed by sopcierty? or something else. i often wonder it. im nto a wallflower, i knwo that, but when im at parteys and such, i look at the wallflowers and wonder, do they know or see something i dont, can they feel something we dont see and know. it makes me wonder about people, and society as a whole. i think next tiem i see one ill talk to one. i want to understand 040428
in a silent way i consider it a compliment; it implies both an ability to grow from a place where no life should ever be found, and an inherent intelligence that prevents one from mingling with the weeds. 130301
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