birdmad (major arcana) XVI 011019
she's so high above me...

some poeple tower like giants.. so tall.. but then you find out that they are little people inside, and you could crush them with yer big toe..

high above me..
kim evil card in tarot.


thank goodness i rarely if ever get the card
wtc The two most beautiful ones came down 9-11-01........ Let them rest in peace! 020403
jeeny She looks down
from her tower
The mountains roll
like rainbow waves
Against the fragile ego
Of the most fair
The sound of thunder
follows the fading light
of her transparent soul
Oh those souless dark eyes!
The 4 winds are friendly
Pele wants her bad
And all of those bricks
are like sand now
listening to sound
The unheard sound penetrates
without knowing
those brainwashed assumptions
whome Of Babel

Johnson Tower

Wilton Towers

vs. cower
Habitual Perceiver #314 a tower struck down? dear god don't subject yourself to it or you'll become an orange sunglases wearing disciple of Steve like i unavoidably did. 031215
neesh Tower

The first time I met her was like a fairytale. She was trapped in a tower and I was saddling up my steed, testing the point of my charger. She let down her hair and let me in to her solitude. I saw her and thought of a mirror. I started to believe in destiny, in true love. Look at her; I leaned across to steal her heart and whisper love in her ear, but my calm hand quivered, my silver tongue was heavy and my steady foot slipped. She picked me up and laughed good-naturedly at my fumbling. My confidence failed me. Is she a sorceress?

"Yes," she said. "But I like you. Do come back."

Only a man in love is willing to play the fool twice, and I came again. I learnt her passions, her fears, her likes and dislikes, her favourites and her favourite and her idea of fun. I told her nothing of myself, only listened, and remembered. "You keep your eyes so open I can read everything there is to know about you," she told me. I wondered if I could read her eyes, and I swirled in deep lakes, floundered as the icy darkness filled my lungs, and she had to resuscitate me with a kiss. She laughed at my efforts. "I like that you tried." I climbed down her hair and out of the tower, sodden and shivering, panting to catch my breath.

I returned, and returned, and listened and learnt, and even we were silent I learnt. A woman's passions and her fears are subject enough to fill a century of such encounters, but one must also learn her habits, her peace, her loneliness. In the quiet I learnt these things.

"I think I love you," she whispered to me one day.

The tower trembled at my heartbeat. I spoke, for the first time in our three years, and bade her leave the tower with me, come with me and be mine. I promised her all my happiness, all my care and love. I promised her my support, encouragement and time. I promised her that she was my passion and my fear, my favourite, my fun, my destiny. I promised her all that my eyes told, all she could read in my palm, all she could see in my heart, for as long as it was mine to promise.

"But I can't leave the tower," she said glumly, and frowned. "Do promise you will visit me every day, and always love me so."

I left the tower with a crash, re-saddled my horse and now I test my lance anew.
falling towers 060410
IGG i dreamt about the tower again, the card
(i've said that it's my card before)
And although it's blurry, i get the feeling that this dream is a serious wakeup call.

My tower starts to crumble around me, still powerful
in it's cracked stones and bleeding windows
I am faced with a decision; do i stay and be crushed or dive from the shrinking window space to the very distant, very painful ground?
Squeezing past the rubble and avoiding the tower's wrath i stumble across the windowledge and



My body is crushed and slammed against the tower by the sea.
For there cannot be true escape while i am still chained to the base of the tower. How did i not notice that before? But it is too late, i have angered them both, and the tower clutches me in it's cruel grasp as the sea slams me against the side.
I flounder beneath the foaming rage
and feel the breath squeezed out of my lungs.

And it's then that i remember,
the tower always wins, because it feeds on failure.
So tired.
I give up, and i sink to the bottom.
Open my eyes, and i'm in the towerroom.

The tower starts to crumble.
what's it to you?
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