josh My current age. She is a year younger, but seems younger still. 990203
daxle I am today
couldn't eat breakfast because I feel so sad (or maybe it was just gross)
no one I care about will see me today
I will do nothing I want to do today
I will be here studying chem
happy birthday to me
birdmad cheer up daxle

i think it happens to each of us once.

your right, though
spending your birthday alone does suck if it isn't what you wanted.

happy birthday, kid.
dirty old grendel the age of the young woman in my workplace who has suddenly caught my attention.

meanwhile, here i am creeping close to thirty
what in hell am i even thinking?

my assistant is the same age as i, but quite married.

actually, i think my assistant is trying, in some backhanded way to play matchmaker between myself and the young lady
jennifer I am
a relatively boring age to be
much like 17 or 20
you can do certain things, but not everything. 19 is just one of those years, like 17 and 20 that are just fillers bewteen the good years.
Silent Bob the ghost in me
feels way beyond nineteen, but sometimes way below nine. i feel like such a joyful child sometimes. or such an ashamed child. or sometimes i feel like a wise owl that can snap reality with his mind.
Quoath the raven, "nevermore!"
Barrett Old enough to think she knows...
Young enough to have no clue.
(But, she's very good at guessing.)
xyphoid hmm.
we're getting to be everywhere.
at least overrunning blather.
but why 19?
it's the legal drinking age in canada..
why not some interesting number, like 23?
not that this year is filler, no, so far its been the best one.
hmm some more.
MollyGoLightly I'm twenty. It's like being at the top of the first rollercoaster hill. I think you kids will like it when you get here. 000616
lovefool nineteen steps down your spine
take me to heaven
i wake up in hell
jimPain a nicely aged pussy 000924
kate it's the best age to be. 001013
stark this isnt what i need.
i dont wanna be twentytwo this year,
i want things to be like they where before
atleast some things
ClairE Since I got to college time is slowing down. I love birthdays but don't particularly look forward to turning one year older. I'm still a teenager, technically, and for the first time I'd prefer the years to slow down and absolve me from responsibility.

I feel so young, and am told I am so young constantly. But the other night I was sitting here at my computer and thought to myself, "My birthday's in a month! 20 this time." And then I stopped. Twenty?! For some reason it seemed unutterably old.

Most of my friends are older than I am. I'm used to talking to people who are 25 and 22 and 23 and 21, and being the baby. So I always see myself as trying to catch up.

When I first got together with my blather_love I was eighteen and he was twenty. The age my mom and dad were, respectively, when they first met. Pretty soon I will be just as old as he was when we first started talking.

I guess before I relished leaving high_school behind. Now I'm realizing you can't go back. You can't go back. A new relationship is not the same as the first one. Every mistake and choice you made piles up, and the pile grows. It doesn't go away.

Almost two decades down, and a finite number left. Nothin' to it. Right?
wingedSerpent my time in interzone.

(ask Bill Burroughs, he could tell you.)
emmi it feels like i'm trying to re-learn all the rules i learned to forget last year, kind of like tying myself to a chair...
it's driving me insane...
pete at 19 people become mature automatically
no longer can you be an
irresponisible drinker,
and everyone under 19 is,
that is unless they
cross over into quebec
what's it to you?
who go