sabbie for i am
the prettiest one

i have a passport
and some asprins

and i'm ready to roll.

Let's Go
misstree but did you remember the rope?

never set out for mischief and misadventure without rope.
sabbie i find string in your pocket does much the same thing

and i have some trash in the other pocket

and a mobile phone.

invintory done.
misstree lessee, toothpicks, two lighters, a piece of pretty ribbon, and a plastic lizard. i'm set. let's go break things. 031002
cupcake what are you talking about??? 031003
once again see: book_of_eris

it means "for the prettiest one"
misstree see also golden_apple 031003
mt (thanks, once again ;) 031003
cupcake i still don't really understand. what does all that have to do with being pretty? i haven't had time to read that other one. okay, i gotta go to practice. thanks! 031004
O_A blather is not about the dictionary definition of a word, not totally anyway. Blather is words AND people. the people are the important part. 031004
sabbie hey mistree! lookie here what else i found for our distruction kit!! a daisysnail and loads of barbed with made from red jelly crystals. and last night i picked up this busted keyboard from our local. should be great to thwack stuff with...

erm... do you have a bag to put all this stuff in?

i had one made of pony skin but the pony wanted it back, and who was i to argue, he was standing in my loungeroom bleeding on the floor, and he was holding his intestines in with his little hoof things, and really, theyre not the best to grasp things with, and the metal shoes bits were bured and i could see he was tearing the flesh bits and i was betting that'd probably hurt, and as he stood there and yelled at me for accepting gifts from strangewomen i watched forlornly at the growing stain on my carpet and thought mounfully of the week i spent getting the cthulhu sludge out of there. i tell you, amazing adventures in sabbieland might be all well and good, but it's going to be hell on my freaking bond...
sabbie dear cupcake

i think you are missing several important points. not only is the "prettiest one" relivant, but there is a reason for the passport and the asprins.

see if you can spot them

you have all the clues.
come play a game
come play the game
with us
with Her.

are you ready to accept Her?
ahh child, it is too late.

at least with your dry dead and boring god
you got a choice.

there is no choice with eris.
She's already here.
before He came, with his boring rules and grumpy demenour, She already was.

before animals
before humans
before the earth
before the sky
before light
before darkness, what was there?


here's a little story for you all:
i walked past this vanilla girl in the office and said to her "ITS ALL TRUE!!!"
she said "i know, it is"
" what about the false things?" i asked hopefully.
"they're true too"
"how does that work?" i asked, almost breathless, hopinghopinghoping...
"i don;t know, it just does"
and i laughed and laughed
and she looked confused

eris is alive and well.
don't kid yourselves.

i am off to stuff as much paper in the vending machine as a sacrfice to Her.

i suggest you all do the same.
or at least something in a similar vein.
misstree sing it sabbie!
you rock me all the way to the casbah. *grin*
cupcake i think im kinda beginning to understand but this is really r3eally weird but i think that its meant to be that way but im not sure, why is it all so confusing??? i dont know but im trying to get it and im going to go to some more of the links in book of enis and see if i can figure out more because its like a puzzle and i really want to put it together! 031017
sabbie these two popes are proud of you,
little bread product 'skite.

for the gods help those
who help themselves
to 'cake.

we are all god stuff
and in chaos, everything is born
and born and born again
for chaos is the blood of the universe
and we are all born in blood.

chaos is the blood we bear,
chaos is the blood we wear.
the colour of chaos
is an approximation of the bruised night sky,
and everything is unfolding constantly
like fractal roses.
uncurl yourself
and reach for the stars
stretch out your arms
and touch the madness glittering in the sky
the chaos glinting in gods eye

come away,
come away,
come and play
with us
egger . 040109
what's it to you?
who go