psyki you can never have too many.
but who needs them anyway?
Tiffa girlfriends suck no matter how you look at them. I think that is because chicks in general suck. I know, i am one. *smiles* Being a girlfriend can suck because if you aren't careful you could lose him, having a girlfriend sucks because you have to basically do what she says (for normal girls) or lose her. And girl - friends suck because you cant keep secrets from them or they WILL JUST DIE! and you cant seperate your sex life from other life...they need to know everydetail. Ugh@girls. I think I am the only good one out there...and that isnt saying much. Cause I'm not a wonderfully grand way. *kisses* 000523
The Schleiffen Man i've had few, and i finally found one that i thought would be the one i could have forever. but i did bad things and she did bad things. we're both to blame, yet i still feel cheated on my half. i only invaded her life. she took my heart and my soul and now i can't find them. 000523
aschool weve all made our mistakes and been hurt but its hard to come back and feel the same about another after, isn't it? 000523
The Schleiffen Man i think it's not hard at all to care for another.. sorrow rolls of my back like water from a duck... it's one of the upsides about being Nordic 000523
the black plaigiarism you can always sell the extra portraits, day or night, so when you call up that shrinkwrap machine, to cover up your walls and to keep your tomatoes fresh and shit, well, you had lemons, ussr gonna getcha, rooskies are never more hunchbacked than the day you lost the wheelbarrow to macadamia fred, aisle 8, no more tears, get over the lack of ham. 020620
Ephemeralkite keep runnin on. you have no choice.
keep runnin, on. you have no choice.
keep runnin! on, you have no choice.
keep runnin on you, have no choice?
keep runnin on you have, no? choice!
keep runnin? on you? have no choice.

I have no choice because I have no voice. I wither away. Face burnt by the monitor before me. Eyes stretched thinner than the soul(s) they contain. Vain, stupid, introverted, lazy. I am.
Syrope i just finished a book called this
and it makes me so happy to realize that i'm at a point where i DO have this amazing friendship with a wonderful woman. it's been hard having only guy friends for such a long time. i think it hit me on the way to charles' place in asheville when remy flapped her burger at me and said "Augh! can you get that piece of lettuce?" and i knew exactly which one she meant...the slightly too-clear, a little too-thick one :) and today when she came to listen to my romance-turned-sob-story today over cheesesticks when she has her own guy drama to deal with. i don't have to make any excuses for how i am or how i's beautiful

anyway - my fave quotes from the book:

"...women are often looking for an expression of understanding...or a similar complaint...Women are frustrated when they not only don't get this reinforcement but, quite the opposite, feel distanced by the advice which seems to send the message, 'We're not the same. You have the problems; I have the solutions.'"

"The depth of a friendship - how much it means to us...depends, at least in part, upon how many parts of ourselves a friend sees, shares, and validates." - Lillian Rubin

"Our mothers told us we should wait for the right man to come along. But few told us that we may have to wait for the right women friends as well."

"How desperately we wish to maintain our trust in those we love! In the face of everything, we try to find reasons to trust. Because losing faith is worse than falling out of love" - Sonia Johnson

"No matter by which culture a woman is influenced, she understands the words 'wild' and 'woman' intuitively." - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

"People change and forget to tell each other." - Lillian Hellman
just bein stupid u ugly woman 060819
Dragonflye You know what bothers me?
Guys who change girlfriends as often as they change shirts, who just want to be in a relationship and don't seem to care much who it's with.
I mean, what is up with that?
/end rant
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