squint nudity and thunderstorms
dancing and rain
smiles and silent moons
happiness and change...
hackandslasher fro licking in the rain is my favorite passtime. I like to take all my colored buddies out to the park on stormy days and lick all of their fros. mmm mmm good. The afro sheen does not mix well with the rain but give me a bizkit and I'll sop it up. I love you black people... 020723
birdmad early september
early afternoon,
skipping lectures
an apartment balcony,
a gentle shower becoming a downpour,
tania and i looking at each other with devilish grins as the warm rain began to fall

clothes left on the couch
the thrill of knowing others might see us

overcome by the electricity of the storm, the beauty of the overcast sky and the rush and whisper of the breezes and the small gusts through the trees and by each other

my back on concrete
watching the raindrops cascade down her dark skin

shimmering with raindrops and afterglow we kissed until the rain became cold and went inside, sleeping in each other's arms until just before sunset when both of us had to return to the rest of our routines and go to work
reitoei it begins as a gentle shower but quickly turns to a downpour. and still i stand on the bridge. raindrops echoing against the iron grating. for a while i can feel the each drop hitting my head, my face and clothes. each drop falls on my shirt and slowly spreads outward, trying to conquer the entire shirt like some bacterial culture. but now the drops come too fast and too many to be felt. there just the constant flow of water soaking my hair and clothes. splattering across my glasses, changing my world of sight into an oddly magnified and fractured landscapethat grows blurried with every drop.
i am soaked in cold rain, blind to the rushing water flowing past to the ultimate destiny of falling on me once more.
there is small victory in opening my mouth and sucking up the drops of acid rain. "ha! ive destoyed you, drops! you're part of me now!" but the in end the water always wins.
squint that was beautiful :) 020724
neverender walking side by side on the sidewalk
it starts to slightly drizzle
the curl in her hair uncoils as her makeup starts to run
his gelled black hair, the spikes soften, falling over his brow
walking side by side, their arms and elbows...brushing past each other's as they swing in fluid motion
a tingle, up the spine...rushing, the feeling, the notion, of touch.
raining harder, pouring...they're soaked
drenched clothes a shade darker,
clinging tightly to their bodies, a cold awkward embrace.
they keep walking, striding in steady pace..heading where they weren't supposed to be.
white_light So we strolled.. not with any particular destination.. just walked for the now...
Away from the pardons and troubles of our lives, away from the course of reality we faced so harshly so well.. ..and we found ourselves hidden amongst the darkness.. enlightening ourselves with the findings from our moon. Capturing the essence of our new-found joy forever in film history.
Mounted on my wall, I find myself taken back to the crisp cool air making my wet clothes become a second skin.. the tingling across my entire body as I felt the warmth of his hands binding mineas we sprinted across the lawns for shelter we could see yet not reach., or weren’t willing to.
He always looked immortal in the rain.
I could’ve wandered around all night in the dark happily and hopelessly carefree… appreciating every glimmer of moon in his soul and ever-casting shadows across his eyes. For want of warmth from nowhere else.. the sole, emancipating feeling emanating from his heart. We captured it.
We made what we call love, we made love with our minds, we made love with our freedom and we made love with the utter submissions of our souls to the now… froliking_in_the_rain.
Photophobe We were gods - the world was our noodle. Giving ourselves to each other, to the art, to the night. Sheltering under gargoyles and running free in the downpour. Hyped on Dexis and careless freedom. 020726
phil today 020729
josie a god and his goddess 020825
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