silentbob why fall alone? 031102
pipedream so you can loop the loop and do fancy tricks without bonking someone in the face? 031102
x because then you don't drag anyone down with you 031102
ashmanzhou falling is something that should be
done alone in silence
like a false flight falling
faster and faster always all alone
no desires dreams or fears
just knowledge when you hit you break
and never again will you know yourself
such is the price of living on the edge
falling_alone because no one notices... 031103
 : just make sure not to slip when you kick the ones that are already down 031103
xyz falling_alone is not alone at the moment, for i am sitting next to her in the library at school. 031104
Mandijabster today..a new day, and yet again falling_alone is not alone. i once again am sitting next to her..although..shes in her own little world, lost in fantasies. I'm sure after have mad hardcore sex with snape and then realizing it was all a dream, anyone would feel alone.

oh well.... :D
xyz if you're alone, you'll never be close enough to fall too far apart. 031207
Emptyness Alive why fall alone
why fall at all
why not hold on
to all that is you
falling_alone hi.
for some reason i thought i had made up a rant page.
if i did i don't know what i named it.
even though i don't feel like ranting right now.
just rambling, so
might as well do it here.

so with a boyfriend, you might think falling_alone was not falling alone any more, but ah, this whole situation has been nice, very nice indeed...but...
i noticed my cell phone minutes are decreasing steadily.

and i don't remember when i start classes again, i suppose i could just go to the school's website.
i passed everything at least, my next goal is to be excepted into study abroad.

i must have some sort of page i designated for rambling here somewhere, oh, nevermind.

right. haven't really said much lately, thoroughly chagrined i missed blather_new_year
falling_alone i dunno if i want to be falling_alone any more, but it's just so hard to move away from the who.blathes page and start all over again. 070829
Emptyness_Alive its who you wanna be if u think ur name has changed then do so
ur name is urs here u have complete control over who u r
if u wanna change then u'll choose the right name
we each for different reasons what was yours?
hee hee i dunno, ask my Daddy.

"Da Da"
*Amy* the more people I know, the more lonely I feel 070831
? why? 070831
Emptyness_alive The more people we know the less we tell each one
the less they kno about us who we truly are we can be known by all but not one will kno my favourite colour
up yours oooohhhhhhh !

you try to take my insurance company for a snowboard ride! yeah we could have shared it but i didn't get to surf down a mountain!

oh well, next time, hey!

are you taking about another New Years party or something! yeah, we put alarm clocks in the finished homework box, just to put more presure on the people that have to spend their life marking them, you know, we were only trying to wake them up, i want to know how many ticks i've got.

She always wants to be a rebel, and she will always find a way, including checking out the girls!
she likes to shock you see!

shhhhh.... no more about the kitchen barbie, it's private!
arwyn because no one is here to catch me. I'm a silver medal... I'm a risk.
I hate me.
So I fall alone into the black abyss.
No one wants to catch me.
Emptyness_Alive People will catch u just have to reach out to the ones with their hands out
the ones who u may not trust but if u give them the chance then who knows
maybe you wont fall anymore
what's it to you?
who go