king kong ninja yeah anorexic girl...i wanna take you in my arms and hide you there.
let me be your nutrisweet daddy oh anorexic girl.
oh anorexic girl we all know life's not fair,
i want to take you in my arms and hide you there.

oh let me feast at the banquet of love, and you, well you can watch,
oh anorexic girl are you shivering at my touch?

anorexic girl, where do you keep your secrets doll, oh anorexic girl, i'll catch you at night when you fall.

anorexic girl you've got to be on top, oh anorexic girl, what do you mean when you say "don't stop"?

oh anorexic girl, we'll start a family you and I, you'll feed our unborn children with the bone marrow in your thighs.

and we'll have a house yes we will, a mansion by the sea, and i'll take you far away from all the people you have to be.

and we'll have a lifetime yes we will, and if you really need your war, i'll cry alone in bed, while you cry behind the door.

and you'll limit yourself in love, like you limit yourself in diet, but anorexic girl, while you're still here, why not try it?

yes anorexic girl, if you're really strict and strong, i dare you to try starve yourself when you've tasted love good and long.
king kong ninja anorexic girl, when you're really really small, everything is external cuz there's no you left at all.

oh anorexic girl, we all share the same fate, we cannot help but sometimes be what is on our plate.

so eat my heart anorexic girl, eat my heart while it's fresh. don't you suffer anorexic girl, expand the prison of your flesh.
fading_away_2_zero Fine, i can't believe that.
I will starve then. I guess that is the nourishment on my plate.
Why do you have to be so mean?
I'll try to gradually starve 'til i die then.
And even though i will deny it, i am starving for you.
Toxic_Kisses think of me what you will but I think what king kong ninja wrote feels good, like a a yummy spelling blanket fresh out of the dryer and wraped snuggly around you good 040130
tk typo smelling 040130
shivers spelling works too
i dont have ne negative thoughts about u tk, i liked it too
endless desire i think i liked it even more than anyone. 040131
Toxic_Kisses Oh, didnít realize that this was going to become a contest of who liked the poem more endless.

Shivers, thank you, I've just been getting a lot of negativity from ppl about my weight, I've finely reached a 104 and dam is it hard to hold on to, my goal is 85, why you ask? bc I always automatically gain back 10 pounds after I stop dieting, and by stop dieting I don't mean gorging on ice-cream candy and hamburgers, I still eat healthy but every once in a while I allow my self to splurge on salad dressing or 5 more spoonfuls of food, but every one's afraid that I'll go back to being anorexic like I use to be and so ppl keep harping on me and I wish theyíd just leave me alone.

It is my body after all

Any way now that I've started to take control of my body I'm starting to feel like I really can really accomplish my goals and that what I want -is- attainable, it's a good feeling but after every one being so negative (and not just about my weight) I guess that I started to expect that every one would be that way, it really is true that some ppl just want you to fail and make you feel bad about urself so that they can control you and so that they feel better about them selves

*L* here it was all I wanted to do was say thank you and then I get all side tracked

Anyway thank you again Shivers
king kong ninja aren't the only one who wrestled with pun intended. 040131
endless desire doesn't it seem that every girl internalizes anorexia as her own personal tormenter. oh tk, if only we could all weigh 104 and slip away. i hate you for that darling. i weigh 130 with a goal of 0. that's right. i'll slip away and you won't see me.

and i still loved it more.
girl_jane My roommate commented the other day about how I've gotten thin. I lost weight when I came to school. I made it a point to gain it back over winter break, and I did. I was happy.

Now I'm back at school, and now I'm getting thin again...I don't like it.

The worst part is-I don't understand it-I eat every day, and I eat a lot.

It's gotten so that if I lean forward a little bit you can see a good majority of my ribs going up my back, and most of the bones in my spine.

It's sick...I just hope people don't start to think I have an eating disorder...
. you lucky bitch 040202
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