Rainer Every existing thing has its antipode, its contrary: Good and Bad, Female and Male. The tensions and dealings between these two things belonging together automatically bear a third thing which bandages and combines and merges the first two things, amplifying and dilating them.
Now count them: Three things. Three things belonging together. A trinity.
ceorl never got that religious math, if one is three and three is one, what are three ones? the real question is - what is zero? 990420
parsley my school is trinity. it's not a very nice place. 990628
OTK submitted:
what is three zeros? besides an album by Sam Phillips?

when is three not the same as one?

in a perfect world, how is the glue discernable from the adhered?
lokkust nuclear weapon testing ground 991124
jennifer the holy
village inn

Q and just who is the holy spirit? 991231
jennifer lilywhite=wayward son
jolie=unfaithful father
mark=unholy spirit
datura troika. 001202
Thyartshallshant I know a girl on ICQ
Her names Trinity
She sent me a pic of her
Shes really hot
Oh well to me
Because i am not
unhinged bitch


Trinity hey bitch, fuck you... you don't like me.. then take the fucking 2x4 out of your ass and leave me the fuck alone... 011229
unhinged the one thing i do like about you is how predictable you are 011229
Trinity get over yourself... you think you're so hardcore cause you've been here... why don't you old school folk just retire... 011229
unhinged sorry...the f word and violent hatred aren't enough to scare me away 011229
Jenna from other things I have read on here...

I must conclude you have no tact.

At All.

Which is not always bad, but aren't you concerned maybe you really hurt people sometimes?

I dunno, just my thoughts.
god leave daxle alone and fuck off. please insult me, if you want to bug someone. i'm in the mood for it. 020526
grendel neighbourhood pranksters left a flaming bag of trinity at my doorstep, but being an old prankster from way back i had enough sense not to step in it 020526
Satan Satan Satan what's the matter Trinity?

did your parents not pay you enough attention when you were little?

has somebody been excreting in your cheerios?

do you come from a family tree that doesn't branch?

do you just have nothing better to do than pick fights just to get attention?

and would it be that you're such an embittered cranky trashbag now because now your sex life has failed so miserably even your hand just wants to be friends now?

did you flunk an IQ test or something?

bad case of the angry inch, huh?

did someone drop a house on your sister?

yes, take god's advice... FUCK OFF

(if you don't like old blatherers, that's your goddamn problem and not ours)
Trinity fucking make me fuck off! You people are all talk. fucking idiots 020527
lois on the brink Awww.... poor pookie Trinity only knows a few words well enough to use them. I bet you're third grade teacher will be very impressed that you've expanded your vocabulary. Was "fuck" on your spelling list when you were little? 020527
TheApologist Yesterday was Trinity Sunday. The day the Lutheran Church commemorates the Athanasian creed about the Trinity. I like thinking about the mystery of the Trinity. 020527
unhinged uummm...well considering it's the internet and this is basically a glorified message board i don't see how any of us could be any more than talk. *shrugs* 020527
freakizh specially if it is called "BLATHER".
use your head, people, use your head.
god we can't MAKE you fuck off. we can only offer suggestions.
i'm just trying to get you to insult me. we could have a relationship that way. i wanna interact with you word-wise. sock it to me.
User24 I am so glad I missed all of this! 030915
sirflaccid Talk about a wake up call. I never thought I was that pathetic. Idealizing something that was so obviously the opposite. It makes me want to throw up.

What else have I been to blind to see.

Or what am I not seeing right now.
ME! my friend would name his daughter Trinity, perhaps 040106
smurfus rex O, the blathes you'll find
When you keep hitting 'go'...

on topic: Carrie-Ann Moss was one hot Trinity...
u24 "I know why you are here, Alfonso."

see? just doesn't work.
what's it to you?
who go