jennifer ok PLUR is the 4 pillars of raving, what raving was built on and what
true blue ravers live by

P is for Peace

Peace: To have peace with one's mind and body. To not hate others
because of thier religion, race, the way they dress, or label. A rave
should be a peacful enviornment fot all. If you do not like a certain
person at the rave, don't start a fight with them because it will ruin the
vibe.Peace the most wonderful thing ever!!! Give peace a chance!!!

L is for Love

Love: Love is an emotian. At a rave you love your friends, you love
your enemies, you love people you don't know. Love can not be
described here on this page. It an emotion stronger than words can
describe. Most importantly you must have love for everyone at a rave.
That does not mean, go in the corner and make love on ecstacy.Don't
you just love to love people at raves. All you need is love!!!

U is for Unity

Unity: At a rave we all need to have a strong sense of togetherness.
Ravers are here to help people out at a rave. If someone looses their
bag, or it gets it stolen, it's not just their problem, it's yours too. Ravers
together are one. Ravers need to help each other out when the stupid
rent-a-cops won't. When you dance by yourself, you are never dancing
alone. Everyone is dancing as a small part of a whole.Be one be all just
be unity it is wonderful to try new things out!!!

R is for Respect

Respect: Respect is a two way street. You must respect yourself,
before you can begin to respect others. All that goes along with the
drug scene at raves. Its one thing to be on a hit of e, but to be on more
than 5 hits! That shows no respect for your body what so ever.
Respect your self and respect each other.Treat people how you would
like to be treated!!! Respect one another!!!
moonshine If I recall from past experience the Pillars were SEX & DRUGS, and maybe if you actually listened the music, and then with nothing else you quit moving a began to dance. 000803
*starlette* first off, wonderful definition, jennifer.

we learned plur together, but when the glitter wore off and beads fell to the floor, it seems everyone forgot but me.

so here i sit, jaded and forlorn.

and each weekend i search the floor, the depths of my soul, for the sensations no one remembers.

and now i re-create. memories being nothing but flashbacks. i re-create plur for me.
stephen the cornerstones of a diverse community drawn togther by music, and finding harmony in peace, love, unity, and respect. 001029
johnboy a community that has grown jaded and defunct. It's all about the e anymore and i am not all baout that. it's not about PLUR anymore and it's really sad. detroit is lame at this time and everyone is there for themselves i remember ewok in denver,skyin phoenix, davidandjonah in san fran and ginger in los angeles i go to partiess everyweekend and even though you may not be there i party with you. in my mind plur is that not the passed out k-holed 14year old on the wall it's the people behind the decks and those up dancing.
Amanda Jeanne never in my life have i met people as beautiful as the ones i meet at raves. spread the word, keep your bonds strong and look out for each other.
p.s. Candy kids are some of the sweetest people i have ever met, do your self a favor and hug one today!!!
firehunden i like the sound of the music....

forget everything else

Aimee D- dejected
E- emotional
S- solumn
I- irritable
R- reserved
E- enraged
Dafremen (M)oderate your attitude
)U(nderstand why believers value their beliefs
(T)ry not to judge the beliefs of others
)U(se time, don't sell it, don't waste it
(A)llow yourself to give graciously
)L(earn to be given to graciously

(R)emember that respect begets respect
)E(njoy the show, give one in return
(S)how your gratitude every day.
)P(articipate in life with humility
(E)xist, and be humbled by the chance to do so
)C(reate your own paradise
(T)hese are the stepping stones to contentment.
nemo i dislike plur, not what it stands for but.. just it 011209
nemo im not a raver, i dont really like it when people call me that... i go to raves.. sometimes alot... but im not a raver (its not denial.. its just... some other word i havent thought of yet) 011209
phil maybe it's denials halfsister bullshit 020305
phil poor lost unconscious rabbits 020305
DannyH They turned my beautiful dangerous laugh into a religion.
Then they sold it back to me.
Saint haha, funny...

many, if not most of the earliest raves here in the US hinged on:

---the music
---who you were connected to to get in in the first place
---the drugs

To me, the PLUR crowd is kind of a mixed blessing,

on the negative side, the exposure the scene gets now that there are so many more and younger people in it makes the stuck up assholes in the mainstream media and government get that much more pissy on the rare occasion when something does go terribly wrong

on the plus side though, the love and dedication and sense of community has allowed more and newer artists and talents to evolve, to say nothing of all the different styles that have emerged from these artists

man, who would've thought it would still be going over a decade later?
what's it to you?
who go