Q I will not name the problem out of fear of being slugged the next time I'm happy. I'll say only that it's abbreviation begins with the twenty-fifth letter of the Latin alphabet and ends with the eleventh.

To my mind, the most important thing that happened yesterday and today in connection with the problem was that thousands of greedy lawyers lost a lot of money, time and credibility because of it.

Much of the little money that some of them did make - and maybe even more than all of it - will now be lost to clients, who will sue or threaten to sue for legal malpractice because the clients themselves needlessly spent or lost a lot of money because of the stupid advice the lawyers gave.

Most of these turkeys, who arrogate to themselves the honorable title "lawyer," are so ignorant of technology, beyond the ability to count every hour the money in their pockets and still owed them, that it is beyond pathetically disgusting.

Nonetheless, starting about three years ago, just after the popular press started running stupid stories about the problem and how it could cause damages amounting to "trillions of dollars," these lawyers saw for themselves a bonanza in legal fees. The lawyers were too stupid to understand that the stories were stupid. After they read the stories, nobody with technical savvy and healthy skepticism (which all good lawyers, even those who are not technically proficient, have an abundance of) could tell them the stories were stupid, because they had literally become blinded by their then already excessive greed.

The eyes of some of them I spoke with would almost pop out when discussion of the problem came up, because they were so excited about all the money they were going to make. I had to tell some of them that they'd better wipe the dollar signs off their eyeballs or the weight would pull their eyes out and fixing that might cost more than they were going to make. Most of the time, I just told them flat out that they were fools but that I was glad they were wasting time and money on something that really wouldn't hurt anybody. (Some of their clients - mostly greedy big corporations - would lose some money, by spending it unwisely in connection with the problem. That, however, involving excessive profits of greedy big corporations, hardly counts as hurting somebody.)

Now you know one reason why I am where I am. To stupid lawyers, the truth, especially about their stupidity and greed, is a very dangerous thing.

But let me tell you all: The celebration at my humble abode last night was exceedingly happy, except for one thing that a few of you know and the rest do not need to.

So, again, happy new year and new century to all of you and all loving people of goodwill everywhere.

Copr. 2000
allie it just...you know.. 000107
purple tzar again.
"If you love something, let it go."
I really hate that phrase.
This is the worst I've ever felt.
Everything is like a bad dream and smells like the hospital.
"If you love something, let it go."
"If you love something, let it go."
I need a vacation and a bottle of rum.
yo hoh ho.
Lil J my life happened, as life always happens. It came and now it's gone. I know that I left for a better place, but I was fine where I was before. 011231
Mahayana: Zakah: and then ... it 'happened'
i saw myself 4 the first time
through the eyes of a loves past
life, ... row boat & oar,
row boat & oar....
row boat & oar...
zenfishsticks i think being an english major is getting to me when i start being proud of my typos.

for example, instead of 'happened', i recently typed 'heppned'.

i still think that's cool.
splat Whatever happened to the time when you would blathe something like this under


Instead of under


no reason heppned.

wicked. :)

i know this was posted a long time ago, but i like it. making up words is one of the most important things about majoring in english.
Syrope i'm just not awake yet
we were supposed to...at least, i was supposed to...you had plans. we don't talk anymore. i'm sorry you don't know, i'm sorry i can't tell you. i think it's too late to avoid all the pain that could come from this. and i'm not one to talk.

accusations form under my tongue and leave me tasting something sweet. it's started.

i feel so lonely. nobody tried to wake me up. someone put my alarm on silent, but did i even stir?

you won't understand it
what's it to you?
who go